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1964 854

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1964 854s

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here are pictures of a recently bought 854







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    • WHX24
      By WHX24
      Another interesting score here today. So I get a text from the nephew the other day about some horses for sale on FB. The ad was put up Monday the 3rd sometime in the evening. Mr. and Mr. Seller said the computer start smoking and phone was getting texts so fast it went dead. More on the Sellers and approaching a potential buy later.
      Seller and I  we really hit it off, more on that later too, so he threw in a nice little complete AND unmolested L167 AND a brand new square pan seat cover... . Will  fit in nice with my '67 line up & now don't feel so bad about missing the 702 labeled 701. (701 with a 702 belt guard).
      I gotta get crusin cause Dan is coming over to pick one up but here is  a few that I got. Missing a few things and POized for sure but both savable. Smokin deal.... 3 bills for the whole load!

    • CasualObserver
      By CasualObserver
      1964 Wheel Horse sales brochure
      12 pages 651KB
      12 pages 2.1MB
    • MoreyToo
      By MoreyToo
      This tractor has very close to all its original parts. Has its original Tecumseh/Lauson HT55c 3088. The hood has a minor repair at the top front seam. The engine valves have been replaced. Carburetor has been rebuilt. It ran great this spring but now acts as if the carb needs to be cleaned. The hood was painted poorly when I got it so I started to strip it and that is as far as I got. The rest of the tractor is the original paint. Transmission shaft seals have been replaced. I have a new set of decals from Terry for it also. It has the original dealer decal.

    • Bear G
      By Bear G
      Design by Nathan Amyx & Barry Gundlach
      started as a basket of 854 parts.
      powered by 6.5 predator with build kit. Currently produces appx 11-12 hp.
      The larger wrench on left side is hand clutch. 
      This has right foot throttle control. 
      Yes, it’s pretty fast.
      I’m really happy with the way this turned out.
      My entire collection is Wheel Horse Custom Modified’s. This fits right in.

    • admin
      By admin-(Admin)
      1 page 196.25KB
      1 page 82.24KB
      Dated February 17, 1965
      232613 Kohler belt nla Use 231605
      232613 - Gates 7320 .41"x32.58" 36 degree or Napa 25-7320 .41"x32.58" 36 degree
      231605 - Gates 7315 .41"x32.08" 36 degree or Napa 25-7315 .41"x32.08" 36 degree
      1964 model 854
      1965 model 855
      1965 model 875
      Starter/generator belt
      Kohler 10hp, 12hp - 235262 (7345 Gates .410" x 35.09" 36 degree) (25-7345 Napa .410" x 35.09" 36 degree)
      Wheel Horse 1593 (3L x 34.4") - nla (Gates replacement 6735 3/8" x 35" 38 degree)
      1964 model 1045
      1964 model 1054 - Not in PSB - Wheel Horse # 1593 nla {3Lx34.4"} - Gates 7340 .410"x34.58" 36 degree or Napa 25-7340 .410"x34.58" 36 degree
      1965 model 1054A - Not in PSB - Kohler 235262 replaces 235528 [.41"x35.09" 36 degree] - Gates 7345 .41"x35.09" 36 degree or Napa 25-7345 .41"x35.09" 36 degree
      1965 model 1055
      1965 model 1075
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