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1982 C-105

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My 1982 C-105 getting ready for last mow of the year.


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    • rustyedge1
      By rustyedge1
      Removed from 56 " blade in photo.

    • Guitnbusy
      By Guitnbusy
      I have for sale a 1974 C-100 wheelhorse with 42” side discharge mower deck. I got this from my father about a year ago and he was willed it from his uncle who passed away. Supposedly it was running when my great uncle parked it. My father got a few wheel horses from him and didn’t have time for this one, so I got it. It had some tranny seal leakage and some bearing damage that I could see. I did basic tune up and replaced battery to get it running. It ran strong and mower deck works well. Now on to getting it to move. Had to replace transmission pulley and belt. It has the 8 speed 5091 transmission and would not come out of low gear. It would shift and drive through R, 1, 2 and 3 but it would not go into high range. I removed rear end and opened up transmission. Looks like bearings had went out and a ball bearing may have gotten wedged and bent shifting fork. So it will need bearings, seals, detent springs and balls etc and rebuild. Gear spindles and assemblies appear to be ok.  Or if someone has a valid transmission to swap that is an option. It will also need (1) axle hub (this was unfortunately broken removing transmission). One of the axle shafts has some woodruff key slot wear that would need addressing. I have been able to source parts, but due to circumstances I do not have the time to dedicate to this right now and need to get it to a new home. From what I have seen you guys really see the value in old horses and would hopefully be able to give it the attention it needs. The transmission is still apart, but I have nuts,  bolts etc in a box.  I’m not sure of the value, So I am just asking $100 to start with, but I’m simply looking for best offer (pickup only). Thanks for checking it out and hopefully it fits the bill for someone out there in Red Square land. Last photo is of one of my daughters mowing before I tore into rear end. 

    • Alex175
      By Alex175
      I've been starting to build up a wish list of parts I am looking for for various machines and thought in addition to sifting through posts, I'd also put the list out there to see if anyone has anything they would like to sell. 
      So in no particular order, I am looking for...
      Snow cab that will fit a C-Series Black Hood (Got) Tecumseh H60 motor, electric start preferred but not required. Cat 0, 3 point hitch grader plow Cat 0, 3 point hitch york rake Bagger attachment for 48" deck C-195 Rear PTO (Got) C-195 Rear Wheels (15" 6 bolt)  (Got) All lifting parts for rear mount tiller to fit a C-Series Black Hood.  
      I'm sure there's more, but I will update when I remember.  If there is anything on the list you have, and might be willing to part with, please let me know!
    • drewd
      By drewd
      Hi All,
      I have what I believe is a Commando 800 but would like to confirm model and year.  Tag reads Model # 1 0100 6; Serial # 790336. Have had it for years (bought from original owner) and want to clean it up some.

    • Shea Worden
      By Shea Worden
      Hey guys, my wheelhorse c81 got a new transmission last year and now it’s grinding when I drive. First thing the brake pulley is on a higher shaft and doesn’t work with the c81 brake rod and hardware. Second the bearing behind the intake pulleyhas fallen out, which I assume is the grinding sound. Is there a way I can fix it without taking the whole transmission apart? I don’t have enough knowledge to do that kind of repair. Thanks so much -Shea 
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