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2016 LeSueur Pioneer Power Show, Le Sueuer, MN

Wheel Horse feature at Le Sueuer, MN in 2016  

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  1. 1. Will you attend the 2016 Le Sueur show with a Wheel Horse feature? (Aug 26-28, 2016)

    • So, yeah, I think we can probably plan on that, don'tcha know?
    • So, no. I'm afraid I don't think we be able to make it out that way. Thanks for asking though.
    • So, yeah, that's kind of far off. I'm not really saying no, but kind of a maybe.
    • Magic 8-ball says ask again later.

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I've just heard this morning that the Le Sueur show that some of our :rs: members have attended for several years is going to host the MN Cockshutt collectors which I'm guessing is a small group because they also want to do a shared main feature of Wheel Horse and other brands of GT feature next year. Show dates are Aug 26-28, 2016.  We are getting first crack at promotion since we've had a Wheel Horse presence at this show for a while now. Our group, the North Central Wheel Horse Events Club (NCWHEC) has been going to this show since 2008. We were initially added to the show in 2008 as a feature and almost not invited back due to some miscommunication and misunderstandings about expectations and show operation. This show does not allow a general swap meet at the summer show. They hold a separate annual swap meet in the spring with about 1500 vendors that take up the entire showgrounds and even a lot of area used for parking during the summer show.  However, when you're the feature, vendors who have non-swap items are allowed to have booths... such as decals, new reproduction parts, other novelties and memorabilia type stuff. Just no used part swap meet type stuff. Being the shared feature, there will also be use of half of a 60x130 feature building for anyone who might want to set up there with displays that they want to keep out of any potential weather.

Anyway, I'm posting this out here nice and early to see if anyone has an interest in coming out the Minnesota way in 2016.  Lots of time to work out details and questions. Just wanted to throw this up nice and early to avoid some conflicts with other shows that are usually around that time. I know we got Lane a pretty good turnout a couple years ago when he asked for representation at an IL show... I'm hoping that with enough advance notice and planning we can really get a great turnout.


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    • prondzy
      By prondzy
      Okay so whos going this year? AUG 23-25 Ill be there Thursday night. @Shynon @joebob @CasualObserver @wheelhorseman @wheel horse men @Terry M @WHX24 @Achto @ol550 i know im forgetting some not intentionally 
    • CasualObserver
      By CasualObserver
      Had another good year at Pioneer Power... we hit a max of 50 display tractors, not counting at least another half-dozen that were seen at various times driving around the show that weren't displayed.  This year's feature was the Historical Construction Equipment Association, so there were some great examples of some of the old heavy equipment.  Enjoy the pics... I am not posting everything I took, as others will have some to share too.










































    • CasualObserver
      By CasualObserver
      Here's the pics I took of the Wheel Horses at the LeSeuer show, I forgot the camera the next two days so I missed some of people, as well as the rest of the show. Have to be better about that next year. Some recognizable Red Square presence at the show... joebob, mikewilliams, ole550, stevesarus's 502 (didn't get a pic of Steve) and Dale's NOS plow that's still for sale. Made a lot of contacts with local people again this year and should have an even better turn out next year.

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