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Found 13 results

  1. I've just heard this morning that the Le Sueur show that some of our members have attended for several years is going to host the MN Cockshutt collectors which I'm guessing is a small group because they also want to do a shared main feature of Wheel Horse and other brands of GT feature next year. Show dates are Aug 26-28, 2016. We are getting first crack at promotion since we've had a Wheel Horse presence at this show for a while now. Our group, the North Central Wheel Horse Events Club (NCWHEC) has been going to this show since 2008. We were initially added to the show in 2008 as a feature and almost not invited back due to some miscommunication and misunderstandings about expectations and show operation. This show does not allow a general swap meet at the summer show. They hold a separate annual swap meet in the spring with about 1500 vendors that take up the entire showgrounds and even a lot of area used for parking during the summer show. However, when you're the feature, vendors who have non-swap items are allowed to have booths... such as decals, new reproduction parts, other novelties and memorabilia type stuff. Just no used part swap meet type stuff. Being the shared feature, there will also be use of half of a 60x130 feature building for anyone who might want to set up there with displays that they want to keep out of any potential weather. Anyway, I'm posting this out here nice and early to see if anyone has an interest in coming out the Minnesota way in 2016. Lots of time to work out details and questions. Just wanted to throw this up nice and early to avoid some conflicts with other shows that are usually around that time. I know we got Lane a pretty good turnout a couple years ago when he asked for representation at an IL show... I'm hoping that with enough advance notice and planning we can really get a great turnout.
  2. 30 days now until the LeSueur, MN Pioneer Power Show. Just wanted to pop this up on people's radars. This will our 7th year showing Wheel Horses at this show. Got to meet several members who made the trip for the first time last year, looking forward to seeing any of them back as well as catching up with all the regulars. As always... hoping for new faces as well. The Pioneer Power club has been very receptive to us showing Wheel Horses at their show, in fact, it's brought about a whole new contingent of garden tractor exhibitors outside the realm of the regular hit and miss gas engine crowd. All in all, it's been fun to be a part of growing a little bit of this show. Last year I posted the following info which some people said was quite helpful, so I'll include it here again. You can get official information and showground map off the website http://www.pioneerpowershow.com but that doesn't really show what you guys need to know. It's best to get in at the Alternate gate, in the parking lot. Go in , turn left and go about 100 feet. That's where we set up. Fill in along the building first, and then across the lane as needed. We're supposed to have the whole area, but some other brands often end up filling in across the street too. First, here's the location of the show grounds, just off Hwy 26 between LeSueur and Montgomery on 265th Ave, just a few miles north of LeCenter. (Click images for larger versions) GPS address 34605 265th Ave, Le Sueur, Mn And here's the actual grounds.....One thing to remember, as you look at this map, North is to the left, East is up. Looking forward to another great show. Don't forget your lawn chairs!!
  3. It was a good time seeing you guys at the show again this year. I wish that I could have stayed longer, but after the State Fair on Thursday and two days at the show I was wiped. It was nice to meet you Martin, Jennine (not sure of the spelling), Kirk, Tom, and Mike and I hope to see you guys again next year. Now for a prairie dog moment. I'm disappointed that I can't make it to golf this year, but with the weather report it is probably okay. The Beat Master won't have to come up with reasons that he lost this year. Ha Ha. Count me in for next year though. Dennis
  4. Terry M

    2012 LeSueur Pioneer Power

    Had a nice time at the power pioneer days. People always friendly and willing to talk at this show. Only took a few pics and here they are.
  5. http://www.pioneerpowershow.com/ I think it is time to post about this great show in Minnesota, LeSueur. Always a good time...and yes, we are planning on staying an extra day to play golf on Monday. If someone wants to ride around the golf course, but not play, I am looking for a good caddy. WHO'S YOUR CADDY?? :)
  6. Here's the pics I took of the Wheel Horses at the LeSeuer show, I forgot the camera the next two days so I missed some of people, as well as the rest of the show. Have to be better about that next year. Some recognizable Red Square presence at the show... joebob, mikewilliams, ole550, stevesarus's 502 (didn't get a pic of Steve) and Dale's NOS plow that's still for sale. Made a lot of contacts with local people again this year and should have an even better turn out next year.
  7. Once again we had a great weekend for the annual show over in LeSueur, MN. The feature tractor of our host (the LeSueur County Pioneer Power Association) was the Minneapolis Moline family of tractors... to include Minneapolis Moline, The Great Minneapolis Line, Twin City Tractors, Trucks, Threshers and the Moline Plow Co. There was quite a turnout of feature tractors, including a nice collection of the Jacobsen made Minneapolis Moline Garden Tractors. Familiar faces attending this year are Steve (stevasaurus) from IL, Mike (ol550) from MO, Dennis (mnwhfan) from MN, Ryan (rydogg) from MN, Joe (joebob) from MN and myself. There were also a couple people who I don't think are on this forum. The show was a great time, I'm sure some of the others will be along later with their own pictures. These showgrounds are very large and nice. They are a permanent location, owned by the association, with a wide assortment of pioneer, antique and vintage things to see such as stationary gas engines, saw milling, shingle cutting, paper cutting, steam shovel excavation, ditch digging, plowing, harvesting, threshing, baling, blacksmithing, draft horse work and a tractor pull. Not to mention things like the hit and miss ran ice cream stand or the polka band in the beer pavilion. Several times over the weekend and again at the end of the show on Sunday various members of the Pioneer Power board came over and made a point to thank us for coming and adding another interest to their show, as well as inviting us back for next year. Ok, enough rambling, onto the pictures. The sign at the main gate. Some of the Minneapolis family feature There were two of these monsters left and right at the entrance of the feature building. Some other random pictures of the show grounds On the show grounds there is also a small fire museum, some local small towns bring their antique trucks over for the show. And finally our Wheel Horse display. Not quite as impressive as previous years, but it was a good time, and lots of people stopped to talk and ask questions. Ryan and family enjoying the show Steve and Joe relaxing and chatting Something a little different... Joebob brought his ice racer this year. This machine is built for drag racing a 200 foot track on ice.... and yes... it's kind of fast. And to round out... one of our club members brought a few of his oddballs. Speedex (I don't remember what year) 1955 Craftsman 1955 David Bradley Tri-Trac All in all, a great time. Anyone who is in the midwestern area is invited for next year, we'd love to have you! No official affiliation is needed, just show up with a tractor or two! Primitive camping, or hotels within 25 miles. Next years big feature for the show is Massey Tractors and Equipment. Thanks for looking.
  8. LeSueur Pioneer Power really puts on a fabulous show, and has a beautiful dedicated show grounds. They get a wonderful representation of a very wide variety of equipment for showing and demonstrations. They also host a large rotating gathering of main brand farm equipment. Previous years have been the "Field of M's" where they had a national gathering of Farmall, specifically model M tractors, last year it hosted the national Ferguson show, and this year it was the national Oliver show. They've graciously offered us Wheel Horse guys a nice spot, and welcomed us back this year for our third year. We appreciate the gesture, and they like that the garden tractors bring in yet more exhibitors and spectators. It's win-win. Was a great show and another success over here in the upper mid-west. We had some new models here that haven't been seen here before. We've never had a D-series show up before and this year we had three! Again had people displaying from Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota and North Dakota. Was nice to see some familiar faces and chat a bit. If you're in the drive-able area, we'd love to see you over here next year! Now, a few pics from the show. I won't go into the details, there are several pictures from neat stuff around the show as well as some of our club display. Enjoy!
  9. stevasaurus

    more pictures from LaSeuer 2010

    We had 3 great days of warm and windy weather for the show. This show is huge. Here are the horses, and their owners. JoeBob's and my rigs. other tractors...Oliver was the feature tractor. the raffel tractor...drawing is Sept. 26th some cars the toys http://i419.photobucket.com/albums/pp278/stevasaurus/2010%20LaSeuer/2009_0901LaSeuer210100009.jpg[/img JoeBob and I stayed an extra day and played golf on a beautiful course.
  10. Just a few pictures from what is an excellent show and the weather was perfect. this is packed with tractors...any spaces you see are because I shot these while the over 2 hour parade was in progress. I'm going to guess about 25 Wheel Horses and now some of the different things, plus thing that caught my eye. this really turned some heads in the parade got to show a steam tractor...what a thrill to watch run I like the A C's the above car/tractor was made just to do that...work in the field all day and ride to town at night. This one is serial number 001...they made 150 of these and they didn't really catch on. some of the leaders of the North Central Wheel Horse club...anyone can join and some of the items on the table are for sale. Very nice looking magnets and decals. I had a great time, met excellent people, picked up a few parts, learned some things and made some new friends...thanks for inviting me you guys.
  11. Photos from the 2009 show in LeSuer, MN. Attached Image
  12. mikewilliams68

    North Central Wheel Horse Inc.

    Aug. 27th-29th ! We plan to have another great show this year and hope to see all of you there! Ask any questions you may have either here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NorthCentralWheelHorseEvents/ or here you can find info about where to stay etc.: http://www.pioneerpowershow.com/
  13. We had a great weekend for our debut show, the weather was mostly nice. Friday could have done with a little less wind... (30+ mph) I think we had about 20 tractors all together show up for display, and some guys from Missouri came up with 12 to sell. I know Mike Williams took some more pictures, so hopefully he'll get some up here too! Edit:... I've split the discussion for this to the General shows area. Please post comments on the pictures in this topic. Thanks!
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