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GT14 Hydro Lift not working

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I can not get the Hydro lift to work on my GT-14. I drained and replaced the Hydro Oil but no luck. I am pretty new to working on these so I'm not even sure where to begin trouble shooting. Thanks guys.

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Hopefully there is something in these that helps.

Here is a transmission service manual

Lift valve and cylinder service manual


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    • Bear G
      By Bear G
      I was thinking about putting this brush guard on my ‘69 GT-14. So much for thinking.. I don’t really care for it..
      Original thought was it would look cool & help protect that exposed fuel tank.
      .  Pretty sure I’m going to abort on this project.
      Back to the drawing board..
        Yes, I know, wrong hood decals for ‘69.. 
      This hood is off a ‘70 I had.

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      I am currently doing a ring, piston, hone rebuild on a K 321 off a Ford LGT 145 Tractor  on this machine they actually welded the rails to the bottom pan (see pics). My intention here is to put this puppy in a red machine (312-8 or GT14). I definitely have the small pan with the expanded bottom for the long dipper.
      Here's my questions:
      > Can I carefully remove the rails from the pan, cutoff the old front axle mounting bracket(s) and then drill holes in  the flanges to mount  to the Wheel Horse rails.
      > Since the engine is side mounted will the expanded bottom fit between the standard Wheel Horse rails?
      > If not possible to make this old pan work what flat pan would work and do I need to get the expanded bottom one (big dipper}
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      Saw a gt14 for a really good price on Craigslist yesterday went and looked at it last evening, ended up buying it . It’s a 68 or 69 gt14 but I’m not exactly sure which. It’s in decent condition and seems to be complete. It has a really nice complete three point hitch and a really nice three point tiller. I didn’t think the seat and muffler were original but I looked at a manual and it turns out they are. I’m gonna try to get it running for the big show but if I don’t I will still take it. The best part is I bought it from a super nice guy that knows a lot about wheel horses. Some of you might know him, his name is Less, sorry didn’t catch his last name. He has been going to the wheel horse show since the beginning and personally knew Cecil and Betty Pond. He used to have 74 tractors but he narrowed it down to his favorite three. Overall it was a really good day. I got to meet a really nice guy, get another tractor and hear some good stories. Here are a few pictures of the gt14 and tiller. I am gonna start working on it this Sunday. 
      Tractor or serial number 

      Tiller serial number 

    • swisstrac
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      looking for info/help re securing a front wheel bearing/race for  GT14/ 1971;  any info would be much appreciated.. 
    • Bear G
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      Anyone have pics of the CORRECT steering wheel for a ‘71 GT-14?
      also, is it 14” or 15”?
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