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High ampmeter reading not charging

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My 520hc has a high amp meter reading but the battery looses charge over time.Need information on what to check what should the readings be

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if it's losing charge over time, then something is still consuming power. You may need to check switches, lights, etc with a meter. 


It could be that the ignition switch is broken...

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You could also have a bad battery.

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Save Old Iron

First check to see if the ammeter returns to a "0" indication with the tractor turned off.  If the meter is offset to a positive reading with engine off, replace the gauge or mentally subtract the amps displayed when off from the amps displayed when charging.


If the ammeter correctly shows a high charge all the time, measure the battery with the tractor off. A classic dead cell battery will read about 10.something volts and never charge to 12.6 volts. This can also be checked using an external battery charger.


Check your charge circuit. Engine off, battery should read around 12.6 volts if fully charged. With the engine running, 13.8 to 14.5 ish volts should be at the battery terminal.


There is a post in the instructional section on checking for parasitic current draw with the engine off. Check out that post or use the search feature for the word parasitic.

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FYI - If you have a 520H you do not have an amp meter, you have a volt meter.

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      Gentlemen, You have been very helpful in the past for answering my questions. I am looking at a used 520H that the serial # info was sanded off to paint the pan. This machine has a PTO to Mule Drive plastic cover, no hour meter, foot pads that are not the fine ribbed type but have the wide grooves with buttons holding them down. The lower control knobs are not round but bulb shaped black plastic. The 3 gauges say Toro on them. The top right gauge is a blank black plastic filler. The steering wheel is a three spoke, heavy on the bottom and the wheel is "fat". The mule drive does not have the heavy curved metal shield over the pulleys-possibly a casualty of replacement at one time. The hood is louvered like my 417.
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      So, I have a 2001 268-H, 72087-210000269 that had the motor go out. I’ve since replaced the CV18S with a CV20S...changing the stator and flywheel over to keep stock wiring and charging. Everything is stock for wiring and all functions work great EXCEPT for charging?!?! Eventually the  battery drains  and it won’t start, just clicks.
      The battery icon dash light is on stating there is an issue with the charge circuit, I checked the regulator B+ terminal and it’s putting out 12.4v at idle and high speed. I believe it doesn’t ramp up to full charge unless it see’s a need to charge correct, so it’s not seeing the battery?
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      Battery - 12.78v
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      My meter doesn’t do DC (from what I can tell) but at idle, stator plug unplugged, I see 17 vAC at idle and 40 vAC at high RPM.
      What am I missing? Not the best at wire schematics but the demystification guide shows the purple wire going into the key from 25amp fuse(power from stator), then a red from the key going to starter post along with positive battery cable, I’m guessing thats where the charge is supposed to come from once started?
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      I have not started testing anything yet, as I just have stumbled upon this issue and was wondering if anyone else has had the same style of problem and what kind of repair did you have to perform.