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Testing the waters for interest

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Thinking about selling my 1974 C-160 and hoping to get a feel for interest. It has working hydraulics, front plow, single row rear plow, 42" belly mower deck, 55lb wheel weights. Runs fantastic, no smoke. Lights work, amp meter works, has plug in cigarette lighter (doesn't work). Left rear wheel cylinder has slow leak.



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Added pics
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I would be interested if it wasn’t so far away…

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953 nut

@Horse Newbie, take a look!

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Horse Newbie


I’m interested.

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Ok, this is turning into a classified. Any C160’s with accessories will go fast, you won’t have an issue selling it as it’s one of the more desirable tractors. 
  @PMeadows please repost this in the classifieds. If you want I can move your post and pictures into the classifieds for you, but I will need a price and location per the rules to add to it. 


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    • RJ Hamner
      By RJ Hamner
      The C-160 just wasn't running right. Started with new points, plug, filters. 
      I had put an aftermarket carb on it but had found a good Carter N in the correct size so I rebuilt it.
      Got it started this afternoon and had it running at about half speed to warm it up so I could make the final adjustment to the carb.
      It purred along for about 4 minutes and just quit.
      First thought was "out of gas".  Looked in the tank and sure enough it was really low so I filled it up.
      Tried to start it again .....NOTHING
      Went and rechecked everything ....NOPE
      Got out the can of starting fluid...NOPE
      Pulled the plug and noticed the gap was ZERO.  Re-gapped and tried again.  Same thing again no gap.
      Pulled the head.  Looked normal.
      When I cycled the engine I noticed that the exhaust valve didn't fully retract.
      Was able to remove the exhaust valve with two fingers!!!!!
      Guess I am in the market for a new set of keepers and a few gaskets.
      The guys at McHenry's Small Engine Love Me
    • tractorman99
      By tractorman99
      Hi everyone,

      I bought a wheel-horse c-160 a while back, and did some work with it.
      One day the rear axle housing broke:

      I was thinking about changing the part or soldering the broken pieces.
      Does anyone know where to order this part? Or has any idea of the potential cost of a soldering job?
      Thank you in advance!

    • RJ Hamner
      By RJ Hamner
      Picked up this C-160 a couple of weeks ago from Joe out in SW PA.  It had been on the Classified page for a while so I went out for a look.  Got her home and got a new battery, new plug, new plug wire and some fresh gas.  She purrs like a BIG kitten!  Drove her around the yard a few times and put her on the lift.  Got some of the parts I am going to need at the BS and some more from Jay in GA.  Wife told me I have to finish the all the trim work in her "home theatre" in the basement so......... I do get a few hours in.  After all, "Ya gotta let the finish dry between coats"

    • Mike_W
      By Mike_W
      Been looking for a C-160 Auto with Hydro lift for some time and an acceptable one finally showed itself on CL. Good runner. Needs a replacement seat and a choke lever. Also a battery mount. Anyone point me to how these batteries are held in place? A bigger (younger) brother to my 876

      I had a post on my 876 but I see the images are gone from the post, here is a picture, Love this tractor.

    • Sarge
      By Sarge
      Tried to spend most of the day yesterday finishing up the utility trailer and getting it ready for service on various tasks that need done , as in NOW as the weather here has changed drastically . Temps yesterday hit the mid-60s but it came with 40mph winds . Hard to even concentrate but I got the lift assist cables done and everything works as it should . Loaded up the little Deere lawn tractor I use at times to mow /backup as well as the engine hoist and the old push mower - those items need to go out to the storage unit asap and get out of the way and weather . Late afternoon I looked at the yard and realized that grass had gone crazy on a growth spurt the last few days of rain/warmer weather - decided to mow "real quick" . The Deere did a lousy job last time and left a lot of clumps as usual - it's discharge plugs up far too easily and it can't handle cutting any more than about 1-1/2" at a time . I wanted to knock it down to "one notch off dirt" and the 16 Auto has my "good" 48" deck that I run doubled blades on - standard hi-lift on the bottom and Gator blades above those , it mulches up the grass great and seems to discharge much better . I cut almost 4" off the top and left it pretty short for winter - same as always and the grass always comes back nicely in the spring .
      Went pretty well , the old Kohler rattling along and barely ever touched the governor - until I just barely caught the drainage inlet in the lower back yard - the ground has sunk this summer from some really heavy rains/flooding and the cover is sticking up more than usual . That was a bad hit and it caught both blades on the discharge side - cast iron versus hardened steel at high rpm is never a good thing ....


      Can't believe the blades actually cut a notch out of that 60lb cast iron cover - those things are very tough and designed to withstand heavy equipment running over them .
      What is even more surprising is it did not damage the spindle - it still runs dead true with zero wobble . The hit did bend the deck housing slightly just inboard of the spindle - a few choice whacks with a 4lb hand drill and a block of wood fixed that - it was trying to hit the blade tips to the center spindle . Deck still cuts nice and flat now , just as it always has - amazingly tough parts . Both blades suffered some pretty heavy damage but luckily didn't break or shatter as they sometimes do - I was glad of that . Caused a 20 minute delay swapping the blade set for some old used ones ( I always save a couple old sets) and fixing the bend in the deck shell . Finished the rest of it in the dark and it looks great - temperature dropped 38* last night and today the high is 43* with high winds , again . Glad I got it done , hauling out the load to the storage unit later today .
      Here's the crazy property I mow where we rent - lot of hills and holes and places where no Kohler K series should ever go except up/down , never side hill it when mowing .


      I'll have to grab a pic of the one blade that got the worst of it - held up amazing well against that cast iron .
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