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Found 17 results

  1. T-Mo

    RedSquare 2018 Calendar

    Version 1.0.0


    The 2018 RedSquare Wheel Horse calendar.


  2. CasualObserver

    2017 Calendar submissions

    Here in the middle of show season, and seeing so many people comment about something being a "calendar shot" or "calendar worthy" I thought I'd post up a place for people to submit recommendations for calendar pictures for 2017. We also benefit from not scrambling for pictures when it comes time to make the calendar! If you're going to post here, please use the highest resolution or picture size possible. If you can't upload a high res picture due to size restrictions, feel free to PM me for my email address and you can send it directly to me to put in here. Feel free to post links to threads containing pictures you'd like to recommend, or simply copy and past them into your post. They should (hopefully) just copy over in the HTML of the post. edit:.... please submit only one photo in each post, with names/model numbers. Please keep commentary to a minimum in this thread and show your appreciation for pictures posted by simply clicking the LIKE button. Located conveniently right here. || || || || \ / \/ Thanks!
  3. Version V2


    It's here, the 2012 RedSquare Calendar. Please give your thanks to JUSS10 (Justin) who did another remarkable job!


  4. admin

    RedSquare 2010 Calendar



    2010 calendar


  5. nylyon

    RedSquare 2009 Calendar



    Our 2009 Calendar


  6. nylyon

    RedSquare 2008 Calendar



    This is the first RedSquare Calendar for 2008. 13 pages 1.25MB


  7. Version


    Here it is, the 2013 RedSquare Wheelhorse Forum Calendar. Hope you all enjoy! We had a lot of great photos submitted and i tried to fit in everything from old to new and from restored to original. If anyone sees any mistakes let me know promptly and i will make a change. Thanks! Justin This version fixes the Mothers Day date, if you've uploaded the previous version delete it and upload this one. Mothers Day should be May 12.


  8. nylyon

    RedSquare 2014 Calendar

    Version 1.0


    The 2014 RedSquare Calendar. Thank you Juss10 for another remarkable product!


  9. nylyon

    RedSquare 2015 Calendar



    Here are the 2015 RedSquare calendars courtesy of Martin. Great job, and thank you! Note: These are reduced in size from the original. For the Full Size, please click one of these links: calendar 1 https://docs.google.com/uc?export=download&id=0B-Mtecq9EjlkclV6Y1BlUHpzbVU calendar 2 https://docs.google.com/uc?export=download&id=0B-Mtecq9EjlkQzFUQzB0WXJHVG8


  10. stevasaurus

    RedSquare 2016 Calendar

    Version 1.0.0


    Here is the 2016 RedSquare Calendar courtesy of Jason Schahl & Steve Hilleshiem


  11. Ok, in an effort to get this underway... please use this thread to submit pictures for consideration for the annual calendar. Whoever will be the one making the calendar can then use this thread. Last year there were two calendars... one for "working clothes" models, and one for "show queen" models. Please only submit pictures of tractors you actually own. Please try to keep commentary to a minimum and show your appreciation for the pictures by using the like button Which is located over here || || || || || || \ / \/
  12. The professionally printed calendars are ready to be printed. On the top bar of the forum click on the 2016 Calendar and the paypal button should be there. If you don't do paypal PM me and I will respond on where to mail the payment too. For international shipping and pricing PM me also. CUT OFF DATE TO ORDER IS DEC 16 8:00 P.M. ! ( I want these out for Christmas! )
  13. I have decided to do the calendar this year. i have big shoes to fill looking through the past years efforts by Justin and others before him. what i need from you guys is pics of your horses as candidates to use for this year coming up. i want to see some more of the 'barn find' pics and the 'as found' ones i see on the forum from time to time. there have also been some great rebuilds and restores done in the past year as well. I've been thinking it might be nice to do two entirely different calendars this year. i don't want to make any more work for Mike (squonk) here on the forum with the ordering process, but i would be more than happy to produce two versions of the calendar if it is possible to keep it easy for all concerned regarding the printing etc. you guys on the forum would be the deciding factor here as far as making it easy to work out who wants which calendar. maybe some sort of ordering could be done in the forum store? is this even possible? just throwing out the idea here on the two different calendars, like i said i don't have a problem producing two different pdf files of 'old' and 'new'. regardless of whether we end up with one or two calendars, i need you guys to post up your pics here, the higher resolution shots, clear and easy to see are going to make it easier for me, i have limited editing skills and i want to make the final product as nice and professional looking as can be. the requirements are really no different as in past years. im excited to be involved in doing the calendar this year and depending on how things go, would consider doing it for the next few years. don't be reluctant to post up your tractor because you think its not good enough to be considered this year, you might just be surprised to see that a nice one might just take a back seat to a dusty barn find. we will give this 3 weeks, cut off would be 17th November. so don't put it off and risk missing out.....
  14. What a fantastic calendar this year. Martin along with Vinylguy deserve a round of applause! This calendar is a milestone, Even the Dino got in! Prices for the calendar have increased slightly. The good news is I can ship 3 calendars in an envelope to save on shipping! Here are the prices. These all include Priority Mail Shipping. These are all U.S.Dollars In the lower 48 states 1) $ 24.00 2) $ 43.00 3) $ 62.00 4) $ 86.00 5) $ 105.00 Canada 1) $ 37.00 2) $ 56.00 3) $ 75.00 4) $ 99.00 5) $ 118.00 Europe 1) $ 45.00 2) $ 64.00 3) $ 83.00 4) $ 124.00 5) $ 143.00 Payment can be by Paypal or personal check. IF YOU WANT TO ORDER A CALENDAR PM ME!!!!! DO NOT ORDER IT ON THIS THREAD!! Send me a pm with how many and which calendar you want. Include your mailing address and how you will pay. I will respond with a pm with either my paypal info or my address.If you do not hear from me within a couple of days after you send the pm,pm me again. I don't want to forget anybody. All calendars must be paid for before printing. I do not want a bunch of calendars left over. THE LAST DAY TO ORDER CALENDARS WILL BE MIDNIGHT DEC 13TH!!!! I need to get these done to get them out before Christmas!! Thank-You Squonk (Mike)
  15. nylyon

    RedSquare 2011 Calendar



    This is the 2011 RedSquare Calendar. This calendar is free of charge and can not be sold.


  16. Its that time of year where it would be great to start gathering photos for the 2013 red square calendar. If you have a photo you would like to submit please post it here. I'll probably let this thread run for a few weeks, maybe even the whole month of October then at the end i will message you if your picture is chosen. Also for those not posting photos, feel free to "vote" for pictures posted here. i would like everyone's input as its a calendar for all of you! It would be cool to see seasonal pictures (summer, fall, winter, spring) to use on the months that apply. also looking for a wide range of models and years. "posing" shots and working shots. rough or restored. Let the photo posting begin! Thanks! Justin
  17. nylyon

    2011 RedSquare Calendar

    Download your copy of the 2011 RedSquare Calendar As always, thank you for submitting your pictures. A very special Thank You to Justin JUSS10 who put this together this year. It is a difficult task, to pull it all together, and I am glad that Justin took the time to pull this off, he did an outstanding job! Please remember, this calendar is not for sale, and only available for free download. All the pictures are awesome, and thanks for making February special!