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109327 replaced by 98-2392 Rocker switch kit (Wide terminals are NO=Normally open for starter circuit) (Narrow terminals are NC=Normally closed for ignition circuit) - White

98-2392 is a replacement kit following tractor production to address a recall


Service bulletin - 1983-1984 A-Series, 1983-1984 RR-Series, 1982-1984 GT-Series and 1986 models 211-3 and 211-5



Pto rocker  switch 109327

Taken from #492-4207 Electrical Service Manual


82-12o502*A - Correct and Tractor Series

82 -12o502 - Not correct

82-12o502 - Suspicious and not checked or determined yet


109327 Rocker switch used on

1982 models 02-08BX01*B, 02-11BE01*B, 02-11BP05*B, 02-16BE01*B, 02-16BP04*B, A1-114201*GT, A1-164201*GT, A1-184801*GT, A2-083201*LT, A2-103201*LT, A2-113701*LT, A2-163701*LT, A2-164201*LT


1983 models 03-08BP03*A, 12-11BE01*B, 12-11BP01*B, 12-16BE01*B, 12-16BP01*B, 23-08BP02*A, 23-08BX01*A, 23-08XP01*A, 23-11BP02*A, A1-114202*GT, A1-164202*GT, A2-083202*LT, D1-184801*GT, D2-113601*LT, D2-113701LT*, D2-163701*LT


1984 models 12-11BP02*B, 12-16BE02*B, 23-08BP03*A, 23-11BP03*A, A1-11B801*GT, A1-16B801*GT, A1-18BE01*GT, A2-11BP01*LT, A2-11BX01*LT, A2-16BP01*LT, B2-11BX91*B


1985 models 33-08B301*100, 33-08B501*100, 33-08BP01*A, 33-08X301*A, 33-11B501*100, 33-11BP01*A


1986 models 33-08B303*100, 33-08B502*100, 33-08X303*100, 33-11B502*100, B3-08B303*100, B3-11B502*100

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