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Tractor 1948-1956 Pond Walk-Away OM IPL.pdf

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Operator manual


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Information supplied by fireman

Engines used

Briggs Model 6

Briggs Model 8

Clinton Model 700

Clinton Model 1100

Kohler Model K-90


The 2 wheel tractors were made from 1948-1956.

The engine serial number is going to be the best way to date it and thats only if it is the original.

From 1948-1952 it was only available with a 1.75 hp engine.

In 1953 it was available with only a 2 or 3 hp engine.


In 1955

2hp with 6:00-12" tires

2hp with 6:00-16" tires

2-1/2hp with 6:00-12" tires

2-1/2hp with 6:00-16" tires

2-1/2hp Deluxe with 6:00-12" tires

3hp with 6:00-16" tires

3-1/2hp with 6:00-16" tires

3-1/2hp Deluxe with 6:00-12" tires


1956 it was available with a 2, 2.5, 3.0 or 3.5 hp engine


From price list dated October 1, 1954 most likely for the 1955 model year

Recoil starter option RS-8

Waterproof canvas engine cover model EC-10