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Solenoid K181s. The starter solenoids that is sold by the parts stores do not work. This part has two prongs. One for stater. One for eng. Besides ouster post for neglect cable, and one for pos side. When I attach, all cables to there proper location. I hookup one negative cable. When I attach posted cable. The engine turns over, with out touching the switch. 


This drives me nuts. Dose the only solenoid from Toro is my only option? 

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Kohler k series 10 hp

Hi Guys    Ok. Here is the issue. Sticking exhaust valve. Yes I removed both valves. Reseated them. Polish the stem on exhaust valve. Reinstalled all parts, set valves clearance.  This engine was rebuilt, with over size piston. Now the issue is,. Exhaust valve pops when running at normal RPMs. I am worried that it might drop this valve. Is there a lubercation additive to add to the oil that could help clean this up? I 've never had a valve stick before.  Thanks guys



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