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    Taking my son's along to visit these show.s ( in 2015 I lost my youngest son to Cancer.I am working threw my rough times).Rebuilding, restoring old machines. from complete dissembled to complete rebuilt. other interest. painting, traveling, and having a great time on the road to meet those Tractor meets in the summer time. always a great bunch of good people.

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  1. redone

    Wheelhorse Pulleys

    So were can I get these pulleys?
  2. redone

    Wheelhorse Pulleys

    Need one V pulley and one idler pulley for a drive assembly that attach o matic under the engine on a wheel horse c141. Thanks Bill
  3. redone

    Pulley attachment tiller

    Hi. Searching for this pulley attachment for my tiller. thanks for your help. Bill
  4. redone

    Idler pulley arm

    I am in search of the idler pulley and arm that attaches to attach o matic for running snow blowers. Etc. Early 80tys late 70ties like c141. Thanks Bill
  5. redone

    New forum user here

    Gary. This tractor looks simular to my 1257. I am in the process of purchasing. But I question the cost. It comes with a fairly new 48 deck. Engine has been replaced at one time. Everything else looks good. Just old. Maybe a 1975. Thanks Bill
  6. redone

    42" Wheel horse snow blade

    I am searching for like new for long frame tractor. With rear bracket. Must be like new condition.
  7. looking for parts layout to attach front mount generator electric generator to attach o matic and all mounting parts. thanks Bill
  8. redone

    12hp Kohler / Wheel Horse 1257 parts

    What would you charge if this tractor was in full dress, with all working condition?
  9. redone

    Assorted Wheel Horse Parts

    Just checking your parts. Do you still have these parts?
  10. redone

    1257 wheel Horse

    guys. I guess this is the place for unique tractors. Looking at a tractor model 1257. Is there such a tractor.
  11. redone


    are there such a model tractor as a 1257? I am looking at yours looks simular.
  12. redone

    1274 model

    Is there a 1274 wheel horse? What year were these built. And are these rare? Value price. thanks
  13. redone

    Engine Replacement for 1960 - 1961 Wheel Horse

    requesting a fair market value for a rebuilt 241 kohler. No history of whom built or parts used. It has been in storage for years. thanks for your help Bill
  14. I am ready for a beer run. Brand new synolid while this restored tractor sits in storage. Today I started this tractor, then it just stop. I check with my test lamp. No fire to the coil. No fire any were. I cleaned and tighten battery cables, all grounded connections, even put a new eng switch. Nothing. Could a new synolid go bad? This tractor I have owned new in 1979. C141 hydro. All restored. Frustrating Thanks Guys Bill
  15. redone

    Kt17 crankshaft seal

    Thank you for your advise. Well look for those numbers. Bill