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If the bearing is an open style (a shaft would go through the bearing if the bearing was out) something you can try.

Find a solid shaft that will fit into the bearing with as little clearance as possible and expect the shaft to get damaged.

Half to 3/4 fill the bearing with grease.

Place gear/bearing assembly vertical on a solid surface.

Insert shaft in bearing.

Drive the shaft into the grease as hard as you can with a big hammer.

The hydraulic pressure created on the grease may force the bearing out.

If the bearing moves add more grease and repeat.



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I destroy the bearing by getting the needles to come out...then take a small, sharp screw driver and hammer in between the race and shaft.  I will rip and then fall out.  The picture you have of that bearing looked fine, I would not have replaced it.  :think:

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6 hours ago, stevasaurus said:

The picture you have of that bearing looked fine, I would not have replaced it.

I decided to replace all the bearings since there was one 1533 damaged and I could tell the difference after replacing it and comparing the new one with the other side. Most of the needle bearings that I removed seemed to be fine except maybe one or two sounded loose when I shook them.

The bearings in the gear pictured seem to be the least likely to fail because they ride about even with the rest of the shaft. I may leave them but I'm not sure about the damage to the gear. I counted 17 cogs and 11 of them were crushed a little. The damage is just in the area where third gear sits. A new one is $165 so I don't think I'll go that direction but I may be able to find one on ebay or I have another 8 speed that I can take apart and swap all the best gears to this one.

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I would check with one of our vendors...like A-Z for that gear.  Check our vendor's list on the main page.  a good used gear like that is going for around $20 from one of our guys.  :)

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      I have access to a parts washer at work. I was going to run the transmission casings through once or twice. My main question is, should I press all the bearings out before I run it through? Can I trust a good thorough drying and oiling afterward to keep the needle bearings intact? I'll also have to scrape it out by hand I suppose. Have any of you seen anything like this? worse? Am I over reacting and I should just throw 'er back together?

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