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Trina spent the evening wire brushing and painting and priming and repeat procedure.



I spent some time degreasing and depainting the engine and a fair amount of wire brushing on bolts and also cleaned up the cylinder head.

My parents and I spoke this afternoon and tried to add up how many hours we think maybe on this machine. Probably no more than four or five hundred hours. Likely much less.

It definitely shows in the condition of the internals of this engine.

Below you see a picture of the cylinder head. All I did to that was to squirt a small amount of brake clean in the valve pocket and slosh it around a little bit and then lightly wipe it out with a brown 3M Scotch-Brite. Then the towel.








Still a fair amount of paint sitting in the little pockets and crevices on the engine block but it's cleaning up very nicely.



This is the plate that used to sit on top of the snowblower that the engine is mounted too. I'm going to try to use this as the adapter plate on this tractor.

It will require a little trimming and there's a bracket piece on the back that you can't see that I'll have to grind off.

We are going to mask off that decal and try to save it. Sort of a tribute to the machine that it came from.








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And in tonight's news....  More of the pretty standard scrape, clean and paint.

The Briggs engine is painted. Also some other stuff like brackets and linkages.


Tomorrow I'll spend some time making the adapter plate.






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Back on Friday I spent several hours working on the tractor. Got the starter all cleaned up and repainted.

Just a bunch of other general busy work.

I got the adapter plate finished up. I ended up purchasing a piece of 1/8 inch thick steel from a local fabricator.

Marked out 6 holes and drilled them.

Oddly enough, I am actually able to use two of the holes that were in the Wheelhorse frame and very nearly line up with the engine that we are putting on. It's only off by about a 16th of an inch front to back and I think I can make up for that because the new engine has 5/16 bolts and the old one had 3/8 bolts.

I'll know when we go to fire it up and see if it wants to walk away because the belt might be just a tiny bit too tight.


Two holes in the frame go through the other side of the adapter plate. The other two holes in the engine go through the adapter plate between the frame rails because this engine is substantially narrower.

Spent some time this afternoon adapting where the battery and the gas tank are going to go for this setup. I'm actually moving the battery tray up to where the gas tank used to be and installing a gas tank in the steering tower tray that I had purchased for a different tractor. That gas tank came out of a 1969 charger.

This is why the battery got moved to where the gas tank used to be.



Starter all masked off and cleaned up ready for paint.







This is where I'm at with it right now.



My honey painted the strap for the gas tank tonight. Pretty likely that tomorrow she can install that and we'll see what else we can get done.


We have three evenings left before the Owls Head transportation show. Fingers crossed!


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The gas tank is installed into it's happy little shelf space. New shutoff and filter.




Trina spent some time cleaning up and priming and painting the air cleaner housing we got from @A-Z Tractor.





Speaking of...

I was watching the youtubes the other day and taryl the loo loo says use a business card to set the coil back in place.




Here's the intake and exhaust.. 





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Got the Briggs engine running tonight !!!


I need to rebuild and clean the carb. I was hoping to wait until later but it doesn't idle right and seeps fuel from the top gasket.

No worries... I have a kit for it.


The starter and kill switch work great so that's a plus.

 I won't have time to get the 657 running right by the weekend so it won't make it to Owls Head.

Oh well... there's always next year.


Here's a few pics and videos.


Note the red wooden pull handle. It is from a VERY old Napa pull cord kit.



Here you can see the complete layout of the tractor with the replacement engine and the way the gas tank and battery are set.








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They are a hard carb to set. My boy had a 5hp Briggs and I could not find a replacement carb as all the new ones I found in line were for the 7hp and up like yours. You might want to go with a new carb depending on how worn the throttle shaft is. 

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6 hours ago, stevebo said:

They are a hard carb to set


This one has always been a bit challenging.


I'll triple double check that shaft.

Thanks for the heads up.



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