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  1. stevebo

    Wheelhorse C195 restored

    I did a restore on my 84' this summer. I did not go into the same detail you did. That came out super nice. your attention to detail on that machine is not only hard to do but came out better than new. There is only one other C195 of that quality I have seen and that is Brian's (Buckrancher) as he did a restoration on his and had it at the bid show last year. Here are a few pics of mine. I did mine as a worker restore but think it came out a little better than a worker.
  2. stevebo

    Holiday Sale Time Again

    Are you telling me that I need to get another tractor and restore it so I can get another set of decals?? Lol. Terry is the best and I have purchased I don't know how many sets from him. Thanks again Terry !!
  3. stevebo

    754 coming my way

    That 754 must have gotten lost being up in Canada!! Send it my way I have been looking for an original 754 for a long time. Great find !!
  4. stevebo

    Don't think duct tape will fix this

    Maybe gorilla tape will do the trick😳
  5. I personally don’t like to have any restored unless they have been previously repainted. That being said I would only restore those that someone else has already attempted to restore.
  6. stevebo

    Today's scrapyard find

    They mount nicely inside the rear rims
  7. stevebo

    Prayers please

    Prayers with him and your family. He is a really great kid.
  8. stevebo

    Wrong transmission

    You have the 1” axle instead of the 1 1/8”. With a 14 hp pretty much running stock class the 1” will be fine
  9. stevebo

    Big Show rj build

    Almost an exact match to mine...
  10. stevebo

    Chains vs Brains

    I am getting pretty forgetful myself. I solved that chain problem by keeping the 2 stage blower with chains, weight box and cab on my 520 year around👍
  11. stevebo

    Saving a k361. Thoughts ??

    Here is the manual K361.pdf
  12. stevebo

    Saving a k361. Thoughts ??

    I just picked one of those up myself last week. I plan on using it to pull next season on one of my pullers. If you decide not to use it let me know. From what I have researched they are ok sol long as you run them at higher RPM and use the lighter oil.
  13. stevebo

    New Shop

    Looking good. You will need some shelves soone or later.
  14. stevebo

    Big Show rj build

    Dells- You can find them at tractor supply.