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  1. stevebo

    Big Show rj build

    Dells- You can find them at tractor supply.
  2. stevebo

    Project Reaper Round Hood Rod

    Trust me when I say he went much more than 4 miles😳
  3. HI STEVE// thank you and and your wife  for the  wonderful time at your house yesterday; thank you again and best regds// ray Crettol  ( swisstrax)

  4. stevebo

    Big Show rj build

    You did such a nice job with paint and distressing to patin look that you should keep going on the wnginw😳. You may be able to find a set of patina tins so you would only have to paint the block. I know it is more work but I think it would finish the project well.
  5. stevebo


    I agree with all comments. Encourage but when they jump on the tractor without asking and the parent standing there doing nothing is a bit much.
  6. stevebo

    Project Reaper Round Hood Rod

    I know what you will be riding on the 4 mile ride at the meet and greet on the 20th ....
  7. stevebo

    Bonfire night

    Love this time of the year. Nothing like a bonfire
  8. stevebo

    A sad sad day....

  9. stevebo

    A Sobering Day

    Ed, So sorry to hear about this. What is not acceptable to me and I am sure you and your family is that it was on the scan in 2011 and they never even saw it. Unacceptable.... Keep supporting him and pray for him. Prayers coming your way.
  10. Looks good but I am 99% sure the gray paint below the door moldings is not oem which leads me to believe they did some bodywork I. The usual rusty places. I would ask that question. Either way still a really nice truck. You will love that power plant
  11. stevebo

    Zagray Museum Fall Show 10/6-7/18

    Wish I could make it but I will be away....
  12. stevebo

    Original Patina Suburban 551 Electric Start

    Changed Status to Closed
  13. stevebo

    Original Patina Suburban 551 Electric Start

    Tractor has been sold
  14. stevebo

    Project Reaper Round Hood Rod

    or speed ....lol
  15. stevebo

    Project Reaper Round Hood Rod

    I notice the boy is leading the pack