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I would like to purchase a class 3 hitch receiver for my 520H.


I had purchased one for my C120 several years ago and look forward to having one my the 520.




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    • By OILUJ52
      For Sale; one wheel horse slot hitch, good condition, $40 shipped to lower 48
      PM for purchase.

    • By Shea Worden
      Hey guys. I was wondering about buying a clevis hitch from the wheelhorseman1000's website wheel horse parts and more, and i wanted to know if  i need the rockshaft between the gas tanks. I thought that the cable went right to the hitch with a trunnion to attach. If you didn't know from my other threads, I have a c81 with an 8-speed uni-drive transmission. My tractor already has the tube for the cable so thats what inspired me to get a clevis. 
    • By Heavy Duty
      Well I finally have enough done on my 414-8 to show you all my progress. I built a front 2" receiver hitch that will allow the use of a mule drive and snow blower, The weight bracket is a 4x4x14" steel tube filled with lead (85lbs total not counting the suitcase weights.)  The sleeve hitch works with a 2" receiver hitch, I have a 500 lb linear actuator controlling the height of the sleeve hitch. I plan on removing the actuator and adding full hydraulics to this tractor some day.
      On a side note...i'm really loving the new tires.
    • By T-Mo-(Moderator)
      Drawing for the Wheel Horse clevis hitch.
    • By Red144runner
      I needed a hitch for my 3/15. I've seen some real nice ones here so I decide to build my own. The angle iron is scrap bed frame, tough stuff and plenty strong. The side pieces are 2"x2"X1/8" square stock, bought an 8' at my local steel supplier cheaper than I thought. I own a wellsaw horizontal band saw (saved from scrap yard) made the job quick and easy. The receiver tube was a 12" cut in half. Came from harbor freight. Welded, primed, 2 coats of toro red and 1 clear coat. Supports 180lbs of cast iron no problem