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brake pedal fix, help/info wanted, please

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Hello all, was wondering if anyone could help me out with info or advice on how to go about fixing my brake pedal on my '92 312-8. I don't know if it's just a pin/part that needs replacing, or there is more to it than that...I have hand tools, but am not really mechanically inclined---learning this stuff as I go. Pics/instructions to follow, would be appreciated.


My machine is parked/put up for the winter, 'bout 120miles from here; going about lots of this backwards, I know, but I'm trying to build my store of knowledge, for now, Thanks for any and all help.


Here is a pic for reference. Dad told me it is a common problem; we just didn't get to it lasttime I was back home, where it is stored currently (after going over fluids, cleaning, etc). I just like things to be "right"...he laughed when I found a replacement NOS hr meter for the pictured empty hole (now since installed),,,to him THAT was an uneeded "bell" (as in, ...whistle).


If the mods need to move this post, no problem; I looked around, didn't see a "specific" place that fit better to post my question.




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Probably the rod came out or a spring broke.

Here's the manuals to help.




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:WRS:             The illustration on page 15 of this manual gives a bit more information on the brakes for your Wheel Horse. Simple hand tools will be sufficient for this job.


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This might help:  https://www.ereplacementparts.com/toro-3116oe01-1988-lawn-tractor-parts-c-121776_128672_131927.html    Don't be alarmed at the year - they are all more or less the same ....in your series....:twocents-02cents:

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The foot running board acts as a stop to keep the pedal coming back like that if I remember correctly.

Lift the pedal up and see if the corner of the running board is bent down. Bend back up and it should restore the stop function.



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