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Tire choice for snow removal on asphalt (no chains)? 414-8

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I used the Terra Chains made from rubber on my concrete/ brick paver stone and on the gravel driveway and they work great. I am going to but a pair for my 520. I currently have them on a Green Machine it’s a little 100 serirs LA 125 in my humble opinion it should not be used to snowblowing its to lite weight looking forward to using the 520 with the 2 stage for the first time heck the 2 stage blower weighs about as much as the LA125 

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The rubber chains do indeed tilt a bit and that lifts the leading edge, increasing bite. I have found that it is almost impossible to make them so tight that the tilting doesn’t happen.  I reduce the air pressure to no more than two pounds, then install the chains in the tightest link possible and finally inflate to normal pressure.  The strap still tilts a bit and works fine.  The manufacturer instructed me to do it that way.


Since I replaced the original two ply rounded tires with four ply tires with rather square corners, the ride is really nasty.  I just might double the number of straps.  I was trying to come up with a zigzag arrangement to help with side traction as well as smooth the ride, but I haven’t invented that yet.

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Good tips here guys thank you!  It looks like i could convert the set to 2-link for not much cost so I'll have to look into that.

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