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  1. lynnmor


    That type of hose clamp works poorly on small fuel lines, consider replacing it with a spring clamp.
  2. lynnmor

    Onan 18 Oil Filter

    There should be a 122-0502 oil filter to shroud gasket that seals the gap around the oil filter, without this part, much cooling air escapes. Short filters have more of a tendency to lose this part, so use the long one if at all possible. You will often find this part missing on used Onans and it may well be one of the causes of valve seat failure.
  3. I don't know of any laws requiring certain lights, but there is the law requiring a triangle slow moving vehicle sign. We have no dedicated police force in my area, so pretty much anything goes. I can tell you that motorists will give you no room and it is extremely dangerous with the current crop of idiots. When making snow piles, move them back at least three times as much as you think you might need, and don't block melt water or you will have a pond.
  4. lynnmor

    Predator Swapped C-161 is a BEAST

    Just Google rubber tire chains for a variety of suppliers. The manufacturer has this website: Rubber Tire Chains
  5. lynnmor


    The switch should spring back from the start position. Check your gas cap for venting.
  6. lynnmor

    16hp Briggs misses and dies after an hour or so

    Always, always slow down any gasoline engine to idle before turning off the ignition. Even if you have no backfire, that unburned gasoline will wash cylinder walls and find its way into the oil.
  7. lynnmor

    Electrical Trouble in the Snow

    Could be the ignition switch, it all depends on which contacts failed. Of course a bad connection elsewhere is also possible, I suggest you download the demystification guide.
  8. lynnmor

    1997 520H won't start

    It is NOT the fuel, you have a serious problem. Check the compression and report back.
  9. lynnmor

    Leaf Management...WH Style...

    I pull a lawn sweeper in case the Onan grill misses a leaf.
  10. lynnmor

    Not sure what this is.

    Worth every penny if you enter it in the ugly seat contest, a sure winner for years to come.
  11. lynnmor

    SnowBlower Mount Rod

    I would use 4130 available from McMaster-Carr, if you are going to weld it in.
  12. lynnmor

    520H High RPM

    What is happening is that the plastic governor ball spacer begins to slip when the engine warms up. The fix is to either get an old metal spacer, or one of the newer ones with a tang that is a positive driver. In either case, they need to be super glued in place. Here is the fix: FIX Contact Boomer for parts and help. Boomer
  13. lynnmor

    Hydro Speed Question

    Running a hydro at high RPM is not just about heat. I'll try to explain an example. Let's say you are climbing a steep grade and want to go 3 MPH, with the engine running at half speed each component in the hydro will be subjected to double the torque that it would at full engine speed. Some may remember the good old days when a stick shift car would slip a bad clutch in high gear but work to get you home in second, same principle.
  14. lynnmor

    1997 520H won't start

    The 97 probably has an accelerator pump and you have it seriously flooded. Cranking with the plugs out will clear the cylinders, but you should disable the ignition to prevent fire if gas squirts out. Then with the plugs out check for a good spark. If that doesn't help, clean the carburetor.
  15. I had a log splitter suddenly quit on me and it turned out to be the filter check valve came apart and a piece closed off the supply line in the tank. I don't know if that is possible in your system, but something to consider.