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  1. That rear tire looks about flat, are sure you are ready?
  2. lynnmor

    Onan 782cc generator engine install into 520H

    Generators are usually run at a lower RPM for noise reasons. The generator head is wired to give the proper 60 cycle current at that lower RPM. In order to run at 3600 RPM, you will need to change out the governor. The speed should not be an issue, the engines are essentially the same. Probably the biggest problem will be the crankshaft drive end, the generator may require a taper and the tractor a straight end.
  3. lynnmor

    520H Possibly not charging?

    That 9 pin connector is toast, temporarily jump a wire around the burnt connector and retest. It might be possible to release the offending terminals and pull them out if they aren't melted too bad. That connector is nothing but trouble for many folks, it isn't corrosion resistant and is something that belongs in the back of a TV.
  4. lynnmor

    rear frame mounts for weights

    I cracked a left trans half using a weight box hanging off the axle housings. I no longer will go overboard with weight.
  5. lynnmor

    520h won’t turn over with keyswitch

    Since the previous owner hacked the thing, anything is possible. That PTO light coming on usually means that the PTO lever is on or the switch has a problem. The voltage at the starter sounds like a bad ground. You need to download the demystification guide and then you can see how each system works. https://www.wheelhorseforum.com/files/file/10-demystification-guide-1985-2001-492-4509pdf/
  6. lynnmor

    Problems with my 520h

    That is where I would start.
  7. lynnmor

    WH hydro

    That is one thing mentioned in service manuals, but I never noticed much difference where the motion lever is located. I do believe that each tractor has its own personality.
  8. lynnmor

    WH hydro

    What is the temperature? What oil is in the transmission? The hydros do resist pushing and cold temperatures together with thick oil makes it next to impossible. It would be best if you don't force the tractor to move.
  9. lynnmor

    Blowed spark plug

    Are you using starting fluid?
  10. lynnmor

    520H Possibly not charging?

    Didn't you download the manual for previous issues? Here it is: manual As KC9KAS said, voltage is too low if your voltmeter is correct. Possibly voltage regulator, but do the tests.
  11. lynnmor

    Pulled k241 head

    That exhaust valve was running plenty hot. I would pull the valves and do a proper valve grind, I have no idea what you meant about using sandpaper.
  12. lynnmor

    520H High RPM

    The manual is on this site. manual The ignition information starts on page 8-1. After you run thru the tests, and still have problems, report back.
  13. lynnmor

    Batteries; Your Thoughts?

    After a string of problems I am done with the Walmart junk, their buyers must pressure the manufactures to squeeze every penny out of the batteries they market. Now I use brands produced by East Penn. Interestingly, Walmart and Sam's Club are the same company, but the Sam's Duracell batteries are made by East Penn, but they sell only the lowest AH for garden tractors. I buy from Battery Warehouse in Lancaster, no, the York store is not affiliated and sells different stuff.
  14. lynnmor

    Wheel horse on America pickers

    I visited their "store" in Iowa and found that nearly all antique items are not for sale, it's just a tourist trap employing teenagers selling imported trinkets. My guess is that they have a shopping list for some clients.
  15. lynnmor

    Odd sized 12 pt sockets

    Ford used the odd size tools, mentioned in this thread, many years ago. Google 19/32 and Ford for much information.