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  1. lynnmor

    Leaf Management...WH Style...

    I pull a lawn sweeper in case the Onan grill misses a leaf.
  2. lynnmor

    Not sure what this is.

    Worth every penny if you enter it in the ugly seat contest, a sure winner for years to come.
  3. lynnmor

    SnowBlower Mount Rod

    I would use 4130 available from McMaster-Carr, if you are going to weld it in.
  4. lynnmor

    520H High RPM

    What is happening is that the plastic governor ball spacer begins to slip when the engine warms up. The fix is to either get an old metal spacer, or one of the newer ones with a tang that is a positive driver. In either case, they need to be super glued in place. Here is the fix: FIX Contact Boomer for parts and help. Boomer
  5. lynnmor

    Hydro Speed Question

    Running a hydro at high RPM is not just about heat. I'll try to explain an example. Let's say you are climbing a steep grade and want to go 3 MPH, with the engine running at half speed each component in the hydro will be subjected to double the torque that it would at full engine speed. Some may remember the good old days when a stick shift car would slip a bad clutch in high gear but work to get you home in second, same principle.
  6. lynnmor

    1997 520H won't start

    The 97 probably has an accelerator pump and you have it seriously flooded. Cranking with the plugs out will clear the cylinders, but you should disable the ignition to prevent fire if gas squirts out. Then with the plugs out check for a good spark. If that doesn't help, clean the carburetor.
  7. I had a log splitter suddenly quit on me and it turned out to be the filter check valve came apart and a piece closed off the supply line in the tank. I don't know if that is possible in your system, but something to consider.
  8. lynnmor

    416H Throttle Creep - How to Fix?

    Common problem. There is a rivet where the throttle handle pivots, put a small high quality screw thru the rivet and then locking nut on the screw. Tighten till there is enough drag to hold the throttle in place.
  9. Of course you need a bit more gas for colder, more dense air. The whole idea of a choke is to do just that. If it is worth your trouble go ahead and correct the mixture for the current ambient temperature.
  10. lynnmor

    Predator 22HP Engine Swap. Who has done one???

    Technically that is true, but look at that small bearing at the outboard end of the manual PTO.
  11. lynnmor

    520H High RPM

    It should only make a little difference in RPM when the engine is under normal load. If there is a great difference, or the speed is hunting, see the manual for instruction about that. If there is a need to move from the factory linkage settings, there most probably is something else amiss.
  12. lynnmor

    520H High RPM

    Doesn’t make sense to me, your tractor should have a tachometer and the power percentage should only reach 100% when working hard. You don’t adjust maximum RPM by adjusting the cable, rather you adjust the cable so that the throttle stop is reached and that stop sets the maximum RPM.
  13. lynnmor

    520H High RPM

    You bend the throttle stop to adjust top speed, download the Onan manual on this site. If you have runaway high speed that the governor can’t control, then the ball spacer in the governor is loose, a not uncommon problem.
  14. lynnmor

    Kwikway Loader Belt Size

    With the play in the hitch the belt can't be adjusted properly. If you make it too tight the engine will be supporting the pump and sub frame, if you make the adjustment too loose of course the belt slips. My solution was to replace the hitch and use the 5/8" belt.
  15. lynnmor


    Is this an older 520H? My 91 thru 97's all have the connector right in front of the top edge of the battery with the wiring zip tied to the cross piece.