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Evil Archer 300

Oil Level

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I recently purchased a 1988 518-H. When I check the Oil level on a cold motor it is very high, If I bump the ignition ( without starting ) it goes to the normal level. Any Ideas

Wheel Horse 518.jpg

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Always pull the dipstick and wipe it, then check again.  Many small engines have a mysterious way of oil crawling up the dipstick tube while parked.

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Are you pulling the dipstick and reading it, or are you pilling the dipstick, wiping it off, reinserting it and checking the oil level?


My 520 will read really high oil level because there is a lot of oil in the dipstick tube. You need to pull the dipstick, wipe it off, reinsert the stick and then read the level.

Darn @lynnmor you are faster on the draw that I am!.

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Thank You for the input. I don't normally wipe the Oil and reinsert. I've been checking Oil in all types of engines my whole life ( 37 years Heavy Equipment Operator ) I had never seen oil high on the Dipstick like that. I thought maybe a breather or something else was plugged.

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