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11 hours ago, MarkS said:

I think i am just going to open up the transmission anyway. Not that anything is wrong with it,

I am a charter member of the "IF IT AIN'T BROKE DON'T FIX TI CLUB"! But if you feel you want to dive into it here is a good thread on pulling hubs and one on rebuilding the transaxle.



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16 hours ago, MarkS said:

Okay, well I just got the back tires off tonight, and am still trying to figure out the best way for me to get the hubs off (I dont curently have any types of pullers):think:. There doesnt seem to be any up and down play in the axle, but its kinda hard for me to tell. I think i am just going to open up the transmission anyway. Not that anything is wrong with it, but I just feel that i would kick myself for not seing the inside of it while I have everything this far apart.

If you do not happen to have an old Wheel horse hub to use as a puller, a Chevy brake rotor may work if you drill out the wheel stud holes a tad.Also, you could just use any brake rotor with a heavy center and drill new holes to suit .  I usually just pick up five six inch grade 5 or grade 8 bolts at TSC. Of course you may think that with only a limited threaded portion that the bolts are not long enough to pull the hub.


 I start out by using a socket to push against the axle and get increasing lengths of socket and socket extensions as i run out of threads.  As you add even and steady pressure to the puller, you can also add some hammer blows[ not necessary to hit it very hard]to the center of the puller to relieve the pressure on the bolts a bit. You can actually hear the steel change tone as you tap the center.


 be creative when you use those sockets. I often nest half inch drive inside 3/4 or one inch drive to get the length of center pusher that I need  When you also use penetrating oil to pull hubs, those hammer taps also make the oil get where it needs to go.

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Update 9/10/17

I now have most of the parts painted and ready to go back together. Things are starting to look very good. I also have been working to swap out all the bolts for new stainless steel ones. The biggest obstacle yet will be the transmission still. I havent got the hubs of yet to change the axle seals, but I do have a brake rotor that the holes line up perfectly with. Now i just need to get ahold of a pulley puller to pull the hubs off. Should I be concerned with the condition of the gasket between the two sides of the transmission?



More pics from last post


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I'm not sure why you need a pulley puller to pull the hubs.

If you have the rotor with the correct bolt pattern, just buy a 7/16-20 X 36"  threaded rod and 10 nuts and flat washers.

Cut the rod into 5  7" long studs.  Thread through the hub and lock with a washer and nut on the inside.

Slide the rotor on the studs,  insert spacer on the end of the axle ( a deep socket works well),  install the greased washer and nut on the greased studs.   Pull the hub off by slowly tightening the 5 nuts.    :twocents-02cents:


Painted parts look great.....:text-coolphotos:

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