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Patrol D-6

Wanted: 1995 520H Service/Owners Manual

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:WRS:     There is a lot of information in this site, and it is free for the asking.

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    • By Mike'sHorseBarn
      A steering wheel, a set of HL-22 Headlights and an ignition switch for a 753.. I know that 2 are a shot in the dark but I guess I'll start looking!
      Here is what the lights look like.....i got this off another post here on redsquare so someone has seen these before.

    • By Mike'sHorseBarn
      Tins for my k91 that is on my 401. See the picture below for the specific pieces. PM me if you have some you would like to sell. Thanks!

    • By jmdavidh09
      I am in search of a decent 60" deck.
      I would prefer a newer style classic deck with mule or an XI deck.
      If a C-195 Deck will work on a classic, I can do that too!
      Tractor optional...i have classic and xi options available for mounting.
      I prefer pickup within 500miles of Syracuse but will go farther if I must.
      Cash in hand.
    • By dmhill
      Can any one tell me what this is, other than just a Wheel Horse? The identification badging is missing, unless I am missing where it may be. The engine is a 14 horse Kohler, it is a hydro (both drive and deck lift), but other than that I am not sure about year/ model/ type of hydro drive/ if the hydro drive is one I can tap into for other hydraulic attachments such as lifts (3 point), etc...
      Thank you in advance to all you WH guru's,
      P.S.-Is there a good way to get the steering wheel off without breaking it as I have another good one on the machine next to it.

    • By r1jakecfd
      Hi Guys,
      I know my voltage regulator is bad on my Onan P220 and was wondering if anyone has an opinion on a replacement, OEM or aftermarket? 
      Also, I checked my stator leads for AC Voltage and got about 25 volts at 3600 rpm on each. Is this OK? I know it says in the 40’s.
      Thanks guys