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Connecting two transmission together

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In what kind of configuration. and why?

Like a front wheel drive transmissions AND a rear wheel transmission?

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Maybe a 6 wheeler? :bow-blue:

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I don't see why they couldn't. I put two hydros together (with cable linkage) which has far more variables and room for error. 

I would say it should be fairly easy especially if neither drive axle steer. Awesome idea by the way. Makes me want to start building my v plow

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    • By FrankenCub
      I'm new to Wheel Horse, got a fair deal on a 312-8 this week. I have some questions for you pros here, I'm a Cub Cadet junky lol.
      I'm not positive of the year, thinking maybe '84-'85? Unfortunately I didn't think to take a picture of the serial tag and it's at our other property right now. Has a steel frame, not stamped, so I guess it's before Toro got involved? 12hp Kohler Mag, great engine! It also has a 42" rear discharge deck, rough shape but I like the rear discharge. Got it running yesterday and figured we'd give a test workout, went pretty well. Today got into some damp grass that bound everything up, figured that would happen. The PTO clutch started getting hot from slipping and spit out pieces of the facing so I'm sure it wasn't in great shape, and blew the PTO belt.
      Just to get it going again without spending huge cash for top tier belts, where can I get them other than Toro? NAPA maybe?
      If you guys know off hand the belt numbers or sizes for the PTO and the 42" rd deck that would be great. Also going to need a PTO clutch disk if you could point me in the right direction.
      If I get back over to our other property this weekend I'll get some pictures, she's a tad rough but not bad.
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      I bought a 1999 WH 312-8 last winter for my father. When starting it if it kills.  When he tries to restart it. It won't turn over unless he removes the spark plug to relieve the built up compression. The engine has the OHV. How can we fix this?
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      A couple months ago i got a WH 312-8 from my wife's cousin. I have mowed with it numerous times and i always had problems making it up my hill. I changed both drive belt and deck belt (he had 1/2'' on them) and put proper belts on from Toro dealer. I also replaced the spring on my clutch pedal (it does not have piston to slow it down). Now my 312-8 will only go up hill in low gears and will not go in 2 or 3 hi at all. 1st gear in hi will move but not up hill.  My drive belt stops moving sometimes when trying hi gear. Please help this newbie! 
    • By Willard
      In 1987 I purchased a new Wheel Horse 312-8 with a 37” side discharge mower deck.  Two weeks ago the mower deck belt broke (belt was 5 years old).  After I replaced it, I noticed (for the first time) the belt comes off the inside adjustable “V” idler pulley at an odd angle to the inside groove of the PTO clutch pulley.  I cannot see a way to adjust the alignment of the belt.  Belt life has been good – maybe 4 or 5 years between belt breakages.  Could it have been manufactured like this and run this way all of these years?  With the pulley support cover in place, the misalignment is impossible to see.  I happened to notice it before I installed the cover.  It gets a little better as I remove the slack, but not much.  Any suggestions?  Is this normal?  Full disclosure – I had replaced the PTO clutch about 8 operating hours before this belt broke.