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My wheelhorse 314-8 won't charge the battery while its running, it used to but now it doesnt. The wiring is stock as it came from factory. Runs good, just have to jump/charge It every time

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:twocents-02cents:   With the engine running near wide open throttle what is the voltage reading at the battery? The first step in solving any electrical problem is to have the battery load tested. Next, clean and tighten ALL electrical connections including grounds. The voltage regulator is bolted to the frame and if this connection is corroded it will prevent it from working properly. Take these steps and let us know what you find.

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On the tractors voltometer, you can watch the battery drain while running, its aggravating, I go do work with it and turn it off to talk to my customer, and have to jump it. But will do the others 


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is this a 1985 314-8 with a K-Series?  Only year they used them on 314s.  1993-98 314-8 used magnums which draw no current while running.  If your 314 is a newer one and the battery voltage drops while it is running you have another issue as a short perhaps???

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