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Tecumseh troubles... Again

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Got the Chinese carb installed on my HH60 and had it running decent. Tried to get it to idle by adjusting the idle screw..Well now it's a bear to start and smokes like a frieght train in the event it actually fires... Fuel shut off is suddenly stuck open as well. Had some  sediment in the fuel filter, which doesn't surprise me. 

Why won't it start now??:(

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Some dirt/sediment got by the filter and messed up your new carb???  really should clean out the whole fuel system and replace the hoses and filter when you put in a new carb.

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That's what I'm thinking.. I did replace the lines and filter. Just dealing with an old tank. Guess I'll acid wash it again 

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    • By OILUJ52
      Whole or parts, Tecumseh HH120 engine, was on a 1974 C120A Wheel Horse.
      The engine turns over and shows 50lbs on compression gauge using a weak battery. I have not had it running.
      I have the air cleaner tins, not shown.
      Let me know what you need. Pay the shipping and a few bucks for my time and its yours.
      I have to add appropriate pricing for the parts on the engine, (per the rules)
      Air cleaner tins, $10 + Shipping
      Starter $15 + shipping
      Block $40 + shipping Turns really smooth, bore and valves look okay, I think this is a pretty good short block.
      Engine Tins, $15 + $13.50 shipping
      Fly wheel screen $10 + shipping.
      Carburetor $10 + shipping. (I am not sure of it's condition).
      Stator $17 + 7.50 shipped to US
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      Ignition Coil
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    • By 69-Raider-10
      Hello All. Picked up this little feller here a couple days ago and just got around to wrenching on it last night. I cleaned up the carb, put a new plug in, new oil and fuel, and it doesn't want to fire. Checked the spark and I don't see anything. 
      Ran fine 2 years ago the guy said and I have every reason to believe him. I guess I have two questions:
      1.) What is on this, magneto? Where can I buy one to replace?
      2.) I have a Trailblazer 7 with a 7hp Tecumseh pull Start. Think I can pull that magneto off and use it? (Assuming it is indeed a magneto).
      As always, Thanks for the help!!

    • By Team70R
      Still can't get the lawn ranger dialed in.. got the new Chinese carb on and it's doing the same thing before I replaced it. The high idle screw seems to have no effect most of the time! I cleaned the valves and am picking up a set a feeler gauges tomorrow. just when it seems like it's dialed in it will start to sputter and smoke again! What next!??
    • By Team70R
      Finally got me a lawn ranger and picked it up for an awesome price!! Now to get it running good.  H60 Tecumseh won't run right. Goes from running great to running absolutely terrible and backfiring from the carb. I'm guessing the valves are messed up? Compression test rendered around 85 psi. 

    • By Team70R
      Looking to get rid of all my Tecumsehs! The HH60 ran before I pulled it, just needed carb adjustments. Electric start! The other 2 appear to be H60s but are both in rough shape. One has a broken flywheel fin, stripped out oil plug hole and a seized governer. Other one has a broken crank or rod. Pm for more details! Pick up only, at this time.