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Tecumseh troubles... Again

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Got the Chinese carb installed on my HH60 and had it running decent. Tried to get it to idle by adjusting the idle screw..Well now it's a bear to start and smokes like a frieght train in the event it actually fires... Fuel shut off is suddenly stuck open as well. Had some  sediment in the fuel filter, which doesn't surprise me. 

Why won't it start now??:(

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Some dirt/sediment got by the filter and messed up your new carb???  really should clean out the whole fuel system and replace the hoses and filter when you put in a new carb.

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That's what I'm thinking.. I did replace the lines and filter. Just dealing with an old tank. Guess I'll acid wash it again 

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    • By ebinmaine
      Look at the used to be red wire on the left and you'll see a bunch of frayed rope looking stuff. I'm wondering if I can just snap the end off and slide a piece of heat shrink down over it and then re-terminal the end.
      Can't see why I can't do that. Just wanted to run it by you folks....

    • By ebinmaine
      As stated in another section my honey went and bought herself a 657 a few days ago. Sunday afternoon to be exact.
      Runs and drives quite well and had a very serious and non negotiable issue.
      It's Oliver green with Ford gray wheels.
      Other than that the work should be minimal standard stuff.
      Well of course she started tearing right into the disassembling of the lucky little tractor.
      We started to show the daily work being done to it and then realized we should really start a new thread in the proper location.
      So here's a few before pics as a reminder.




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      We left it on for 24 hours or so.
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      I am looking for an original set of Tecumseh decals for a 1968 era HH100 engine. I am looking for the 10 hp Tecumseh balloon decal, Solid State ignition decal, air cleaner decal and lubrication decal. If you have any of these for sale or know where I can purchase some please send me a message. Thanks!
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      Service manual
      HH80, HH100, HH120, OH120-OH180, VH80, VH100
      First model year engines were named HH140, HH150 and HH160. Changed to OH140, OH150 and OH160 to reflect the overhead valves
      78 pages 1.60MB
      Tecumseh HH80-110112D used on
      1971 WorkHorse 800 model 1-0100
      Tecumseh HH100-115095B used on
      1968 Charger 9 model 1-7931
      1968 Charger 9 model 1-7932
      1968 Raider 9 model 1-6931
      1969 Charger 10 model 1-7041
      1969 Raider 10 model 1-6041
      Tecumseh HH100-115145B used on
      1970 Raider 10 model 1-6051
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      1971 Raider 10 model 1-0300
      Tecumseh HH120-120129C used on
      1970 Charger 12 model 1-7253
      1970 Raider 12 model 1-6253
      Tecumseh HH120-120180D used on
      1974 C-120 Automatic model 1-0495
      1975 C-120 8-Speed model 1-0357
      1975 C-120 8-Speed model 1-0375
      Tecumseh HH160-170019 or OH160-170019 used on
      1974 C-160 8-Speed model 1-0385
      Tecumseh VH80-148001 used on
      1970 Charger V8 model 1-7851
      1970 Commando V8 model 1-4851
      1970 Commando V8 model 1-4852
      1971 CG-8 model 1-0200
      1972 CG-8 Auto model 1-0200
      1972 CG-8 Auto model 1-0201
    • By RedRider
      I'm working on rebuilding HH100 and trying to be as attentive to details as possible with my restoration. The picture below was of an NOS Raider 9, which is very similar to the tractor I am working on. The piece in question is highlighted by the yellow arrow in the picture below. What is this metal hoop on top of the engine called and what is its purpose? I have seen some tractors with it and others without. It seems useless to me and likely to be discarded if someone ever rebuilt the engine. I can't seem to find a good reference to it in the online HH100 parts list, at least not anything that gives me a part number to look up. Any insight into this would be appreciated.