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1964 854

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She's getting a little "dog-ear'd" and gonna need sprucing up some. But she gets around good and likes to go to the shows. The 854 is still in good shape too, and gonna need new paint. :)



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here are pictures of a recently bought 854







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Very nice , I wished my 854 looked that nice , 

Dont suppose you know anyone that has a spare 854 hood they are willing to part with ?

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I got the 854 out today for a few pictures. Not a show tractor but I'm very happy with the finished project.

Before rebuild.


Rebuild complete.





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    • By Sparky-(Admin)
        The model 854 has been on my wanted lost for a long time! Whenever one comes up for sale it’s either a zillion miles away, beat beyond reasonable repair or overpriced (in my opinion anyway). 
        So when @stevebo calls to say he has a nice 854 for sale AND he is giving me first refusal how could I say no! I have dropped over $7500 on a couple home projects in the last 30 days so my slush funds were hurting, but Steve gave me a week to make my decision. 
        Of course I bought it and my wife and I rode out to Steves today for it. This one has had a couple previous Connecticut owners (we love to buy and sell among ourselves 😁) Pics of course....

    • By 12 hp Kohler
      I found this 854 on Craigslist for $650 has plow and mower deck and is supposed to run, it has this crazy saw mill on the front of it and I am wondering if it is original. What do you guys think it is very interesting. 
    • By Kavint76
      I found a wh for 300 n i dont no what it is. It has a round hood n 9 slots in it with 8h kohler engine. Ill try to put a pic up let me c if i can.yep i know yall can tell me thnx.

    • By cafoose
      I was just browsing Craigslist and saw this. They are asking $175. Does anyone know what year and model this is?

    • By cafoose
      I need a starter/generator belt cover for a K181s and also a hood for a round hood. Doesn't matter which round hood it's from, it's for a rat rod project for my 1960 Suburban that has an extended frame anyway and not worth restoring. Hood can be cut or modified and not perfect.