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Work with the D-180 (pics)

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Thought I should share some pics of work with the D-180.
My father needed a new layer with gravel stones on his yard and took the Horse to the local quarry.
This is located about 7,5km away and gives a trip about 15km / 9 miles each turn. He drove 5 turns with no problem…. =)
The first turn he took a little too much load and nearly got stuck in the hill with spinning tires… He had about 1350kg / 3000 pounds on the wagon. The other turns he got about 500 pounds less.
With the biggest load this carriage weight was about 2800kg / 6200 pounds. Fairly heavy and it went very fast downhill’s…. The hydro couldn’t slow the speed down (from full hydro) because of the weight and mechanic brakes would be nice to have… With not full speed on the hydro before the downhill it worked better and it could hold the force.







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Hi.Nice D-180.Good to see a big horse getting a good work-out.How many miles per gallon did you get.Ha,ha.

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Good to see everyone out having a great day. Tractor and trailer look real good, nice setup.

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A beast of a worker. Thanks for sharing that with those good pics.



A beast of a worker. Thanks for sharing that with those good pics.



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    • By pond195520032003
      This is my 1974 Wheel Horse D-200 with a 20hp twin cylinder Kohler, rear pto, turning brakes, 3pt hitch, ag tires all around, weights all around and a 54" snow/dozer blade! also have a rear finish mower, reat roto tiller, and a Didier 50" sickle bar!
    • By tommyg
      Geez, it seems like it's been forever since I've been on here. Hope you guys didn't miss me too much. Based on the fact that I had no notifications waiting, I'm guessing not. Lol!
      Anyway, I'm thinking of putting an electric clutch on my D-180. Some of you might remember that I replaced the original Kohler K series 18 hp twin with a 25 HP Kohler Command when I broke a rod in the original engine and could not find any replacements. With the modifications I had to make on the clutch linkage, and the fact that I've also outfitted this machine with a 60" deck, the existing manual clutch just can't generate the pressure against the plate that I'd like. The clutch surfaces are fine. Does anyone have any experience with an electric clutch on your D series? I want to maintain the 2 pulley system to drive the rear PTO. What do I need to know? How the heck to those things enen attach to the engine? They all seem like they're earmarked for a specific machine, but are they somewhat universal in design? Some photos would help. I've got a 1 1/8" shaft to work with. Plenty of length to make any forward/aft adjustments.
    • By Sarge
      Fast question ...
      Per the IPL for the 6-1141 and 6-1131 54" & 56" blades - how is everyone pinning the rear blade lock arms so they can't unlock the blade ? I've ran into problems with this thing before wanting to unlock itself and drop the blade half off the tractor. It seems when back dragging rough pavement, especially if I back into a snow bank the thing is moving those locks out of position and allowing the frame to drop off. The only reason it stays at least somewhat under the D is the lift arm , but getting it back into position is no fun due to the weight of this thing and especially out in the snow/cold weather. Last time I had to drag the thing back to a clear area so I could wrestle it back into position, lift the frame and lock it again. I did wire them shut for now, but don't trust it and I use it to back drag quite a bit on rough areas I don't want to ram the cutting edge against and risk damaging the rear axle differential or anything else. Mine has been rebuilt with a new cutting edge of 1055HC and the frame is highly beefed up - most of it is now boxed in and the thing has gained nearly 50lbs of steel. It cuts great, almost too good but that random dropping it off is starting to irritate me - need some ideas here...
      The smaller 42" and other frames lock from the other direction - so to speak. The brackets are also drilled to accept large hair pin cotters to keep those locks in place - I see no way the bigger blade frame is designed for that, unless I'm missing something ?
    • By Seacrestbf
      I have a D 200 and my sons have been cutting the lawn this summer and nerver check th oil and the seized the motor. I freed the motor up and it runs fine until there is a load. I checked the Compression  and I have one dead hole. ;-(   it broke my heart. I have a Mower, tiller, and snow thrower.
      Any Advise? Should I buy a motor? Or rebuild or scrap?? I liked the machine. But I dont want to dump a ton of money into it if it is questionable. I am not sure if it is a Kohler or Onan??  Any thoughts
      Thank you 
      Brian Foley
    • By Sarge
      What started out as a simple task of moving my 6-1/2' x 12' utility trailer to unload it's contents back into the Shed Repair Project after building a new floor turned out to be a really bad day . I figured the weight of the trailer and it's load was probably around 2,500lbs or more and the big D-180 should be able to handle it . Used the 3pt hitch and an adapter to lift the trailer tongue and off I went...until I got to the end of the north drive and the pump coupling on the hydro failed - badly . In hindsight - the trailer probably weighed closer to 4,000lbs the way it felt behind the truck ...


      Now , the trailer had to be taken off the tractor and put on it's jack ....which didn't work out too well loaded that heavily . Since the trailer was built with 2x3 angle iron on the tongue it decided to fold itself into a pretzel - despite the wheels being blocked tight so it couldn't move . It fell over and I had to use the HI-Lift to get it off the ground . The sight of the trailer falling over in the rear view camera on the Dodge is still well embedded in my memory - I knew that was going to be another large project .
      The coupling had an earlier repair from last winter's failure - so a pto pin was driven through the hole to get it out back to my work area to be fixed later . It made the short trip , but just barely and the tow valve was frozen tightly . As it turned out , the damage to the D was a much bigger issue..and cost 3 times as much in total .
      The pic doesn't do the damage any justice - that entire tongue was bent badly -

      Sand blasted , new tongue built and waiting for paint -

      Painted , as it sits now awaiting the lights , wiring and re-install the floor decking .

      All the while - got more work done on the D's pump problem . Found a great used pump , as well as a spare coupling in good shape . After a lot of machine work ($$$) we came up with a solution and everything was back together...

      After all this I found that both the original mufflers were completely shot and falling apart - so another project ...
      Bought a pair of 180* mandrel bends , two cone transitions and a pair of @jimkemp 8" mufflers (very nice, btw) . Fabricated the flanges for the engine's exhaust ports , as well as the pipes for the stacks -



      Spent a lot of time rolling the engine over on the starter to slowly prime the pump back up and finally , after several months - fired Big Ugly to test the exhaust before painting the stacks . No leaks from the hydro thanks to some new o-rings and backer rings from @pfrederi on the hydro manifold , that was a big relief .
      A bit shocked at the sound of the big opposed twin - somewhat like a Harley running on the choke or something - but overall not obnoxious or too loud ....
      D180 startup.mp4
      If you don't want to wait for the MP4 to load - here's the YouTube link -
      I don't think the camera's microphone will show the sound too well , but so far I like it . Took a ride around the block , nice having this beast back up and running , finally . Now to finish that dumb trailer....pretty much wasted nearly the whole summer getting all of this done plus the hours at work . I'm about ready for a break but need to get ready for winter .