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November Tractor of the Month- Custom Workers !!

November Wheel Horse of the Month  

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  1. 1. Pick tractor

    • Stevebo's 520HC
    • Squonk's weight hood
    • 953 Nut's Hot Rod 953
    • Hodge71's 18 Auto
    • Don1977's C120/180
    • C-101plowerpower's C101
    • Diesel Cowboy's C160
    • Wheeledhorseman's Tiny Tim
    • Sorekiwi's Ranger
    • Stigians GT-14+2
    • Smoreaus 417A
    • Octfst's 867
    • Walfish's cruiser

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This month should be fun! This month we are featuring Custom Workers-ALL years. Post them up and give us a description of the work that went into customizing your tractor. I am looking forward to this one!

I posted my 1988 520HC that I fabricated a 3 point hitch with a friend (who did most of the design). This tractor has turned into my very best worker for sure. It is on mower duty now a days. This machine will NOT be included in this month's contest just here to start us off.



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I originally got Marvin as a beater / back up mower. Was ugly enough. Had a bad Hydro and rusty. It ran sweet and was a blast to drive until the trans got hot.




I figured it would be all right to run the blower.





i used it to help stain my fence also:




Then Vinyl Guy convinced me to go custom.  Had to get new sheet metal and a trans at the show.


Rebuilt it in July:






Took him to the Steam Pageant:




Martin will be fitted with a Generac Jenny or the tall chute. Also Has a clevis hitch installed to pull the 10 " Moldboard and a slot hitch for the 8"












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:woohoo:  I submit for your consideration my "Hot Rod 953. The origional transmission was locked up and I replaced it with a 6 speed. :text-bravo: The Harley muffler makes it sound Kool and the flipper hubcaps just needed to be there. :text-lol: 


It has a 48 inch deck and has pulled a trailer around lots of tractor shows.






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Well for your humble consideration is my 1973 18 Auto again. It wasn't good enough last month but maybe I will get lucky this time around. I got her in 2011 and it took 8 months to redo her from top to bottom except for the engine. When I bought her in 2011 she was a basket case as you can see. They hydro pump and motor was run out of oil and burned up, car tires on the back, front ones didn't hold air, a seat that a beaver had attacked at some point, no 3 point hitch and a wiring harness that looked like a 4 year old made it, the plow frame was bent and so was the moldboard like it hit something solid at about 10 MPH. But I didn't give up....I tore it pretty much down to the frame, purchased 3 hydro pumps and a motor and Made 1 good of each out of a bunch of parts. Cleaned the tranny completely after finding silicone clogging the intake screen, stripped everything to bare metal and rewelded all the broken parts, fixed all the dents and dings this poor thing got in its previously rough life and started from scratch rebuilding things the way I would have done it if I was Wheel Horse 1973. I added LED lights on both front and rear of the fenders and the headlights. I did a bunch of work for a member on here and scored me a bent up and rusted 3 point which I straightened and redid after soaking it for 2 weeks in tranny fluid and acetone to loosen all the rusted parts. Repainted everything and got a seat that was close to what was offered in 73 on it. I made turning brakes from a bunch of pieces that I got along with some ingenuity and custom fab work from my Dad and myself, 29-9.50x15 Titan R-3 sneakers in the back and a set of 18-9.50x8 turf tires up front. I remade the entire wiring harness and added a multi-fuse block. It was a labor of love from the start because I have wanted an 18 auto from the time I was old enough to read the 1973 sales brochure my Dad got with his 12 Auto. I decided at that point I was going to have an "Estate Tractor" someday. I also re-engineered the 60 inch mower deck from a 520 and installed it on the 18 Auto. Fabbing a carriage and hanger system from a bunch of parts from a 48"  belly deck from a 1977 D-200 and leftover 520 deck carriage parts. It is the best mower I have ever seen but due to the high hours on the engine I have to mow pretty slow for it to not bog down. The grass looks amazing though when its done. She plows snow like an animal and I think it will only get better once I get a newer 20 horse to rebuild. I heard that these engines were conservatively rated. The 18 was close to 26 horsepower and the 20 was closer to 29.














The whole thread can be followed here 

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:wwp:   Come on, there must be more!  :help: 

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Here is my C-120/180. 18 HP Briggs Vanguard, 3500# 5 lug wheels and spindles. Custom front bumper and copy of 2" receiver hitch. I repainted it a couple years ago has original decals. The front axle pivot has been rebuilt. I also rebuilt the rear hubs by borring them out and press fitting new sleeves and keying them. I bought the tractor new in 1977.





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well, lets put mine up again.

i inherited my c-101 from grandpa, it was a hard worker then, but always taken care off, the engine has been replaced once because the original kohler locked up somehow

the tranny has also been rebuilt once i think since it has parts from at least 4 different transmissions


currently it is in pieces for a complete rebuilt to become a beautiful worker



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Up for consideration is my 1977 C160 auto. When I came to me it did not run and had a broken piston. Sat outside at previous owners house because of the engine problem. Now it is my main worker. Runs like a champ. I use it for snow removal, generator, home made mid blade, loader, tilling, plowing, and just plain lugging power. If it needs a hole drilled I thoughtfully do it. If it takes duals it gets them. JD front axle is for the 1" spindles for the loader.  My custom weight bracket is in the first pic.   Whatever it takes to save all the other horses some pain. Here is a couple pics.



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Last month I entered a 'D-200', this month ..... a 1974 A-800! So let me introduce 'Tiny Tim' the smallest of my workers.


Pictured here at the second WH Roundup in the UK this summer alongside my C-120 Auto gives an idea of its small size.


The tractor was acquired as a non-runner and had seen better days but had been in regular use till it stopped running.




Guys over here thought I was mad wanting to restore one of these, a resto that became a light custom job as I'll explain. To my mind two things were aesthetically wrong with the tractor: the size of steering wheel and fender pan, which on the Euro model assembled in Belgium  was the standard pan used on the C series. Apart from looking bad, the seat which was not adjustable and the depth of the three spoke steering wheel made for a pretty awkward and uncomfortable position for an average sized guy to operate it.




Restoring the tractor was the easy part, the pan and driving postion more challenging.




The standard C series pan was way out of proportion to the tractor being both too long and too wide and created an unsightly slot or should I say gaping hole that was not even central for the gear shift. Difficult to say why WH decided on this for the Euro model. Initial thoughts were to cut and shut it but it would have required many cuts in both axes all with awkward curves to deal with.




Decided to go for mixed model / era approach and use the pan I'd salvaged from a 210-4. It involved a lot of careful cutting, particularly for the gear shift gate, adapting the seat mounting from the 210, and devising a way of fixing the whole assembly to the A-800.




Don't know why but a 210 fender pan has lots of holes for things that were not fitted - more than is usually the case so me being me I welded over some of them to reduce the number to an 'authentic level as there always seem to be some.




Together with a new seat and 'soft touch' steering wheel salvaged from a B-165 the new arrangement provided a much more viable driving position and looked in proportion to the tractor.




I didn't remember to take a photo of it with the red & white WH decal on the back but I think the outcome was worth the effort. It's great fun to drive - a little tractor with attitude that likes pulling a cart or the roller as well as cutting grass. Given its size I was surprised to discover that WH actually made a snow blade for these. I've added fabbing one based on the drawings to my to do list as that would be the icing on the cake. If any of you have an A-800 with blade please let me know as I'll probably need some of the critical dimensions from it.



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that a-800 is so cool. i like little cars/trucks/tractors.

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All of mine are workers, and most have a few "non-correct" parts to make them custom.  But the Ranger is the most custom:






Its my usual "go-to" tractor for just about anything except mowing, the pull start Kohler never has a flat battery, its easy to get on and off, you can pick up sticks etc without leaving the seat, and it does everything I ever ask of it!

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I guess my GT-14+2 is my custom worker now my 312-8 has been put on light grass cutting duties.


I guess the custom parts are the 16hp Kohler magnum engine and the roll bar.


As well as being used for carting stuff about on a trailer, it get's used as a filming vehicle and this winter it will be on snow plowing duties









(Edited to add a couple more photo's)

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I have a 417A with a custom V blade that is my favorite worker.








And a video of it in operation


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I forgot to ad a link to the build of the V-blade. So this is how it was put together and how it was plumed.

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Any more out there? There must be a few more customs!

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This I s my 867 worker with home made wrecker







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This little rig was built from spare parts to cruise around at the tractor/engine shows. Powered by a Kohler M8. Lots of fun to drive. 

Technically not a "worker" but it worked to ride me around instead of walking





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    • By Seacrestbf
      I have a D 200 and my sons have been cutting the lawn this summer and nerver check th oil and the seized the motor. I freed the motor up and it runs fine until there is a load. I checked the Compression  and I have one dead hole. ;-(   it broke my heart. I have a Mower, tiller, and snow thrower.
      Any Advise? Should I buy a motor? Or rebuild or scrap?? I liked the machine. But I dont want to dump a ton of money into it if it is questionable. I am not sure if it is a Kohler or Onan??  Any thoughts
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      Brian Foley
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      What started out as a simple task of moving my 6-1/2' x 12' utility trailer to unload it's contents back into the Shed Repair Project after building a new floor turned out to be a really bad day . I figured the weight of the trailer and it's load was probably around 2,500lbs or more and the big D-180 should be able to handle it . Used the 3pt hitch and an adapter to lift the trailer tongue and off I went...until I got to the end of the north drive and the pump coupling on the hydro failed - badly . In hindsight - the trailer probably weighed closer to 4,000lbs the way it felt behind the truck ...


      Now , the trailer had to be taken off the tractor and put on it's jack ....which didn't work out too well loaded that heavily . Since the trailer was built with 2x3 angle iron on the tongue it decided to fold itself into a pretzel - despite the wheels being blocked tight so it couldn't move . It fell over and I had to use the HI-Lift to get it off the ground . The sight of the trailer falling over in the rear view camera on the Dodge is still well embedded in my memory - I knew that was going to be another large project .
      The coupling had an earlier repair from last winter's failure - so a pto pin was driven through the hole to get it out back to my work area to be fixed later . It made the short trip , but just barely and the tow valve was frozen tightly . As it turned out , the damage to the D was a much bigger issue..and cost 3 times as much in total .
      The pic doesn't do the damage any justice - that entire tongue was bent badly -

      Sand blasted , new tongue built and waiting for paint -

      Painted , as it sits now awaiting the lights , wiring and re-install the floor decking .

      All the while - got more work done on the D's pump problem . Found a great used pump , as well as a spare coupling in good shape . After a lot of machine work ($$$) we came up with a solution and everything was back together...

      After all this I found that both the original mufflers were completely shot and falling apart - so another project ...
      Bought a pair of 180* mandrel bends , two cone transitions and a pair of @jimkemp 8" mufflers (very nice, btw) . Fabricated the flanges for the engine's exhaust ports , as well as the pipes for the stacks -



      Spent a lot of time rolling the engine over on the starter to slowly prime the pump back up and finally , after several months - fired Big Ugly to test the exhaust before painting the stacks . No leaks from the hydro thanks to some new o-rings and backer rings from @pfrederi on the hydro manifold , that was a big relief .
      A bit shocked at the sound of the big opposed twin - somewhat like a Harley running on the choke or something - but overall not obnoxious or too loud ....
      D180 startup.mp4
      If you don't want to wait for the MP4 to load - here's the YouTube link -
      I don't think the camera's microphone will show the sound too well , but so far I like it . Took a ride around the block , nice having this beast back up and running , finally . Now to finish that dumb trailer....pretty much wasted nearly the whole summer getting all of this done plus the hours at work . I'm about ready for a break but need to get ready for winter .
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      ,Hi all...
      I bought a D-250 a while back and I really like it but she's got a couple ghost problems that I can't seem to wrap my head around.
      I believe that it's a '76. It has the Renault engine in it.
      So three different times now... I've hit a small stump, stopping the mower dead in it's tracks. All three episodes were moderately violent. In two of the occasions, it stalled the mower after I disengaged the deck and backed off of the stump.
      So here's where it gets weird.
      After each incident, the mower would no longer start.  If I pulled the choke all the way on, it'd fire up and rev to the sky... Like sketchy high rpms which all three times was the only way I could limp it back to the barn.
      After completing cooling down and tweaking the fuel mixture screw back and forth, I've been able to get it to run well again...
      Sometimes I can ease the choke off and the governor goes crazy surging off and on... But in most cases, it simply won't run with the choke off.
      So what in the heck does this have to do with the impacts?
      The only theory I currently have is that it jolts the fuel tank and fuel filter badly enough to shake up some contamination... But that's just a wild guess. It's also definitely temperature related, because I can mess with carb settings enough to fix it so long as it isn't up to temperature yet.
      So there it is... Any of you guys ever heard of a crash related fuel issue?
      I feel like I'm going crazy. I know I'm missing something here in the troubleshooting.
      Thanks a bunch!