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'72 Commando 800 rebuild

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Hi, I'm new to this forum. Joined since it appears there are a lot of Wheel Horse fans out there who might offer some advice on how to go about restoring my old mower.

? # 1:

How do I know for sure what model number my trans is? I'm thinking it's a 5058 but I would like to know for sure. I have the RH case off it now in a vise. I've never rebuilt anything so I need all the help I can get. Where can I get a repair manual with better pictures in it?

The old man I bought the mower from didn't have the rubber boot over the shifter and needless to say, water got into the trans and I can now see the gunky rust/acid that formed inside.

? #2: would it be safe to sandblast (maybe with soda?) the case inside and all the internals?

and ? # 3: how do you get out the little plug that keeps the shiter rods with the detents in. It's some sort of spring loaded rod but instead of an allen head screw all I see is a little plut in the hole.

Thanks fellas for any info you might have to help with these issues.

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The 5058 was used in the 1967 models 1057 and 1257. Has 2 bevel pinion gears and 1-1/8" axles.

The 5085 was used 1972-74. Has 4 one-piece pinions and 1" axles.

You can drive an ice pick into the cup plug so a sheet metal screw can be started into it. Then pry it out.


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After tearing it apart and polishing gears as much as I see there's some pitting and chips off some of the gears. Would this warrant trying to find new ones? I think the pitting was caused by water mixing with the gear oil, creating some sort of acid. Would sandblasting do more harm than good? I can't get everywhere with a polishing wheel.

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