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John Voss

1973 12hp - Want to go Stock Pulling

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I restored this tractor last year but now I am intersted in pulling. This tractor has the stock 12hp Kohlor and 8spd rear. I have Carlisle Super Lugs on it. I know I need a pulling hitch and wheelie bars. What else should I consider? Also will the transmission hold up the way it is considering its all stock? Do I need to put a stiffer clutch spring on it? Basically just need a baseline of everything I should consider to get it ready to go for this spring.





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Find a local club, each one has slightly different rules for hitches and such. Standard tranny will do just fine for 12HP. Definatly put a stiffer spring on the clutch I have about 3 springs on mine takes everything the boy has got to push it down. Some clubs require kill switches and dead man throttles some do not in the lower classes.

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