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  1. TT

    Barn find 1047

    https://www.wheelhorseforum.com/topic/14102-landed-a-familiar-one/?tab=comments#comment-119891 Here's who built it: https://www.wheelhorseforum.com/profile/281-jusjeepn/
  2. TT

    STILL...no spark

    Well................ I guess the first thing I would check for is continuity to ground through the "kill" circuit. (and the condensor lead, breaker points, etc.) Any unwanted contact or a short will prohibit spark as if the ignition switch is in the off position. The charging coils (stator) and corresponding flywheel magnets have nothing to do with the production of spark from the magneto.
  3. TT

    Best mower for 10 acres?

    Our current mower at work (golf course): Lastec 4520ZT 45hp Kubota turbo diesel 120" width of cut 14mph transport / 9mph mow speed +/- $43K http://lastec.com/en/
  4. TT

    1965 to 1969 front hitch adapter

    Got the pictures reinstalled. Didn't get an overall width dimension on the front hitch though.
  5. TT

    1965 to 1969 front hitch adapter

    Yes sir...... Currently fighting with photobucket for their release. Stay tuned.
  6. TT

    522xi Hydro Problems

    I'm fixing it for in the '00 520xi ~ hopefully before winter. I haven't decided on using the Honda v-twin or rebuilding the Kohler though. I guess I need to get busy. 😎
  7. TT

    522xi Hydro Problems

    I do remember it seeming slow, but - compared to my pewter Horse - they all are! 😁 Here's the reason I swapped transaxles in your 522..... a really nasty right axle: For those who are curious...... the layout of the innards of the xi tranz: Input bevel gears, hi-lo cluster, and primary reduction shaft: With the exception of the square vs. woodruff key, the axles appear to be the same as the "classic" 8 speed and Eaton hydro tranz 1.125" pieces.
  8. TT

    522xi Hydro Problems

    Obviously this is my old 522. The oil & filter were just changed and P/S filter was cleaned when I installed the transaxle ~ which was only 1.5 hours before you bought it. The tractor that transaxle came out of has 453 hours on the meter and I believe it to be accurate. I thought I had the linkage correctly adjusted upon installation, but apparently I was wrong. Sorry for the trouble.
  9. Hey TT, I have a 520 H with a 48" deck. This crazy thing has been leaving skip lines in the grass. I had this deck off yesterday, had a couple cancer spots plated, I put brand new factory blades on this animal, (AGAIN...)it STILL lets skip lines, I've about had it. what is the fix??? I'm just about due to take a come-along around the three mandrels and draw them together!!!




  10. TT

    633 ??

    I'm not so sure that's ever been proven as being a constant. I do know there were problems with intake manifolds breaking and I believe the Kohler "fix" was to install the standard side draft Carter "N" & matching governor lever & link in place of the updraft Tillotson. Earliest versions did have a Fairbanks-Morse recoil vs. the Kohler recoil found on the later models.
  11. TT

    K-161 Recoil Starter

    Don't use any lube on the "brake" parts and make sure to apply a little blue thread locker to the center screw once you're sure everything works correctly. You'll have to hold the center screw from turning while pulling the rope & observing the pawl operation. Don't overtighten the center screw and do not pull the rope again until the thread locker has time to set. If the center screw loosens, the friction required to "kick out" the pawls will decrease. The pawls won't extend unless you quickly jerk the rope ~ and even that technique is not reliable. (and it makes you look like a rookie - LOL) The cast aluminum 4 bolt recoil found on the Tecumseh / Lauson engines in the 550/551/502/etc. models are getting tough to find replacement parts for.
  12. TT

    520HC vs. 520H Transmissions

    The next two mating gears are also different.
  13. TT


    It's been a while since I tried, but I believe the latch pieces will hit the tie rods and/or their attachment piece at the front of the lower steering shaft on the short frame tractors. A 1267 is a long frame, so there's no interference.
  14. TT

    k341 knocking maybe

  15. TT

    Happy Birthday Terry (TT)

    Thanks gang! Annual member / guest tournament going on at work so I spent from 5AM to 8PM at the country club / golf course ~ and not in a fun way either! Sure is nice to come home, sit down, and read bunches of happy birthday wishes. I thought everyone forgot about me by now.