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more 2009 photos some closeups

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CasualObserver    2,118

Here's the pics I took of the Wheel Horses at the LeSeuer show, I forgot the camera the next two days so I missed some of people, as well as the rest of the show. Have to be better about that next year. Some recognizable Red Square presence at the show... joebob, mikewilliams, ole550, stevesarus's 502 (didn't get a pic of Steve) and Dale's NOS plow that's still for sale. Made a lot of contacts with local people again this year and should have an even better turn out next year.











































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TJ    116

Great pictures. :hide:

I love that reel-mower. :scratchead:


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CasualObserver    2,118

Thanks guys... It really was a great weekend. We had a good turnout and representation of models from 1956 - the late 80s (520H Maroon stripe) Even quite a few of the lesser seen more collectible models. An RJ-35, a 701, a 502, a 62 Lawn Ranger (that even has the service replacement fuel tank), a pair of 603s, a 1045 and a 500 Special just to name a few. Lots of other great models as you can see.

Looking forward to next year already!

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CasualObserver    2,118

Just a bump to bring these back up so some newer members can see these pictures from the last two years' shows! :woohoo:

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darren    33

Lovely photos :woohoo:

Is the WH in the last two shots a Suburban? I'd kill for one of those! They're so pretty. Practically no chance of finding one over this side of the pond though I fear :D

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CasualObserver    2,118

That last tractor is a 1958 RJ-58. I think the trans in it is from a 1960 Suburban though as the RJ didn't have the holes in the side plates for the accessory tow hitch.

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    • By CasualObserver
      I've just heard this morning that the Le Sueur show that some of our  members have attended for several years is going to host the MN Cockshutt collectors which I'm guessing is a small group because they also want to do a shared main feature of Wheel Horse and other brands of GT feature next year. Show dates are Aug 26-28, 2016.  We are getting first crack at promotion since we've had a Wheel Horse presence at this show for a while now. Our group, the North Central Wheel Horse Events Club (NCWHEC) has been going to this show since 2008. We were initially added to the show in 2008 as a feature and almost not invited back due to some miscommunication and misunderstandings about expectations and show operation. This show does not allow a general swap meet at the summer show. They hold a separate annual swap meet in the spring with about 1500 vendors that take up the entire showgrounds and even a lot of area used for parking during the summer show.  However, when you're the feature, vendors who have non-swap items are allowed to have booths... such as decals, new reproduction parts, other novelties and memorabilia type stuff. Just no used part swap meet type stuff. Being the shared feature, there will also be use of half of a 60x130 feature building for anyone who might want to set up there with displays that they want to keep out of any potential weather.

      Anyway, I'm posting this out here nice and early to see if anyone has an interest in coming out the Minnesota way in 2016.  Lots of time to work out details and questions. Just wanted to throw this up nice and early to avoid some conflicts with other shows that are usually around that time. I know we got Lane a pretty good turnout a couple years ago when he asked for representation at an IL show... I'm hoping that with enough advance notice and planning we can really get a great turnout.

    • By BPjunk
      What a SUPER display .... really a impressive job!
      That is quite a lot of Wheel Horses ...... I know you get more next year! I bet quite a few big tractor owners took a second look at your Wheel Horses.
      Dale ..... your the MAN this year for being at the 10th Annual Wheel Horse Show in PA and the North Central Wheel Horse Events Club show in Minnesota!
      Oh ... Uh was that 653 I see in the back ground for sale????
      Wild Bill in Richmond, Va.
    • By dclarke
      I just got back from Le Sueur, we had a good turnout of horses and members. I got a few pics of the horses and some pics of some of the other cool stuff that was at the show. I'm hoping some of the other guys will post some "people" pics. This is a huge show with lots to see, an auction that lasted most of the day on Friday and the parade on Saturday lasted well over an hour. And lots of good food!

      Here's a few pics for the "Connecticut" guys.

    • By mnWHfan
      It was a good time seeing you guys at the show again this year.  I wish that I could have stayed longer, but after the State Fair on Thursday and two days at the show I was wiped.  It was nice to meet you Martin, Jennine (not sure of the spelling), Kirk, Tom, and Mike and I hope to see you guys again next year.
      Now for a prairie dog moment.  I'm disappointed that I can't make it to golf this year, but with the weather report it is probably okay.  The Beat Master won't have to come up with reasons that he lost this year.  Ha Ha.  Count me in for next year though.