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Found 9 results

  1. Deck pulley

    I am looking for a center pulley for my 42” rear discharge mower deck on my 312-8
  2. Work Horse GT-1100

    Selling a GT-1100 Work Horse by Wheel Horse 8 speed gear drive, with a 36" (I think) rear discharge mower deck. Runs good and drives good, original tires and paint. Deck sounds like it has a bearing going out but it mows good. I will not ship, local pickup only zip code 47203 Columbus, IN
  3. What you see is what you get. PICK UP ONLY.
  4. I'm looking to add a mulching blade to my 42" Rear Discharge (Model 78350). I would like to stack the mulching blade above the regular blade like this (picture is not mine): I can't find a mulching bladewith the same specs as the Toro blade (Part # 106635). Length = 14 1/2" Width = 2" C.H. Diameter = 3/4" Thickness = 0.2040" The Oregon 90-643 G3 Gator blade is close. Length = 13 7/8" Width = 2.5" C.H. Diameter = 3/4" Thickness = 0.203" Will the difference in blade length cause any problems? It seems like everything would still be balanced on the spindle and the Toro blade would still allow a full 42" cutting path. Am I missing anything? I have not verified that there is enough spindle length to accept both blades, but it appears this hasn't been an issue for others.
  5. First want to say, not a newbie to this site. Have lurked here for many years, so I wanted to give all you extremely knowledgeable and helpful users first chance to purchase and take care of the red baron, hopefully restoring her. She served us so well!! Extremely hard for me to part with my B-80 but life's changing, and I need to get rid of things. So here's the info. on it: Model # 1-0140-9, has 8 hp Kohler engine, 4 speed, garage kept, never used for snow, just grass cutting & hauling small wagon, hosed off after each mowing, yearly oil changes, trans. oil checked annually, and have tendency to overgrease. Snap ring needs to be replaced (may as well replace both while it's torn apart) and she's good to go. Paint job wouldn't hurt either. Purchased this used from a neighbor around '76/'77. Manual shows 1975 but internet research with actual model no. resulted in it being a '74 model. Assuming salesperson had only the '75 manual on hand and since not much changed from one year to another, handed this one out. Includes the following Manuals/Brochures: 1. Original Parts List & Instructions for 36" mower deck 2. Original Kohler Engine Owner's Manual 3. Original Kohler Engine Sales & Service Directory 4. Original 1975 B Series Owners Manual 5. Original Sales Catalog (44 pages) 6. Original Accessory Catalog (34 pages) 7. Original 1976 Series Brochure (6 pages) - compares all the series Downloaded Information: 1. 1974 Transmission Parts Lists/Diagrams (10 pages, some dup.) 2. 1975 Parts Manual (21 pages) Extra Parts: 1. Extra set(3) of used blades 2. New - 3 mower deck spindle bearings 3. New - 3 spindle cups (1 barely used) 4. New - 1 Hub with woodruff key (1 new wheel hub installed on mower in Fall, 2016) 5. Old fuel pump kit (original) - to be rebuilt? 6. Extra mower deck belt (new) 7. Broken wheel hub (original), if you want it 8. Old Tierods May also stumble upon some other things. Other photos available upon request PM me and I'll respond as soon as I can. Prefer local pickup but willing to work with your prearranged shipper.
  6. Good afternoon fellas. So, I recently acquired a 520H, 312-8 and two 42" mowing decks. I'm looking for functionality at this point. So I'm new WH enthusiast. Loving my experience so far. One deck is rear discharge and the other is side. I've already attached the size discharge deck to the 520H and the mule drive and belt fit well. When I tried the 520H and belt with the rear discharge deck yesterday, the belt was unable to be tightened. I noticed a slit smaller diameter in the decks main drive pulley. I assume that different decks will need different belts? I want to go ahead and start ordering replacement belts but how should I go about find which belt to use with which deck? Thanks in advance.
  7. Gear housing from a RM326 rear discharge deck. Removed from a 1966 32 inch deck, but it looks that this part cross references to most 32 inch rear discharge gear drive decks from RJ's, Suburbans, as well as other years throughout the 60's. Straight and functional. Cracked in half but can be used as is or welded up. Part number 5233. I've got a 32 inch deck on a 1961 suburban and it uses the same part. Bolt holes and dimensions match up.
  8. New Mower Decks

    So I've been poking around for a few months looking about buying a rear discharge deck. After the Gettysburg/ Arendtsville show, I found a few decks there but didn't have the cash on me. I had hoped to make more money off my parts tractor by that point. I found a couple of them that were the "reinforced" style. They had round bar stock around the lower edge of the deck. The more I get dead ends on mower decks, the more I feel that perhaps, maybe, a new deck wouldn't be a bad investment. I plan on keeping the tractor for the long haul. The mower decks I've found so far have all needed cosmetic work at the very least and still were going for about $500. There were a couple for $300-$400 but needed work. I don't have the tools or experience to do metal work on the shell. If I bought a used deck, I'd probably tear it down, clean and paint it best I could. Whatever I would do, would probably need redone in a few years. I'm thinking that even if I found a mower deck, I'd still end up sinking $$ into a deck and time to refurb it before next spring. So, my thought process was, what if I invest in a new deck. coat the underside right off the bat. I wouldn't have to burn time repairing metal and I would "know what I have". I put in a request to the New Haven Power up in Vermont asking for a shipping quote. Who knows if their website is current. The financing programs they had posted, some were out of date. My question to the forum is: have any of you gotten this route? Are the reinforced decks still available? Are the new deck shells junk? I this a trap? I know going through a parts department will usually land a bigger $ bill and I found some references from 2012 on this forum saying that decks weren't available complete anymore. I was hoping to go through a wholegoods/sales department and get a whole deck shipped to me on a pallet LTL truck freight. I'm looking at twice the cost up front but with a financing option. If they come complete, I could be up and running. Thoughts? I apologize for any incoherence, there's a lot going around my head.
  9. So I bought a 1998 312-8 last year and I love it. However I'm not a big fan of the rear discharge deck that came with it. It doesn't chop the clippings up fine enough for my liking. Anyways the guy I bought it from gave me the recycler attachment for the deck. I'd like to get some new blades for the deck and hook up the recycler attachment, problem is the serial # of the deck is worn off and least the sticker portion is(not sure if the serial # is stamped somewhere else) is there a way to properly ID my deck without serial # so I know what blades to get? Thanks!