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42" RD blades

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Handy Don

Very interesting. The recycler 42 is a different deck than either SD or RD?

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On 11/24/2021 at 7:41 AM, squonk said:

Here's how much dirt and dust gets trapped with the insert. 99% of it just sweeps right out.




And what gets trapped under the kickers



When I picked up a re-cycler deck a few years ago I installed a rubber membrane that stretched over the spindles and covered the plate that holds the kickers. I run it with gator blades and it appears to work fine for leaves in the Fall. Watching this tread and Maxwell's post about converting a SD deck to a mulching deck with baffles has me wondering if it would be worthwhile to remove most of the plate that holds the kickers to get more room for gator style blades to grind things up. It seems to me that when WH made this style deck, gator blades as we know them, may not have been available so they opted for the kicker design. I think Squonk is doing the right thing to keep his deck in shape but perhaps opening up the hole in the flat plate and no kickers would make it easier to clean. The rascal would weigh less too... ;-)



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Found these in my current nos parts haul.....


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