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Kohler CH22 Engine DSAI Timing Test

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I was working on a GT22 New Holland, (same as Toro 522xi) testing the timing modules, the owner says it was loosing power when warm. Timing checked out, seems someone messed with the governor. Plus the throttle plate was not opening all the way with the governor. A set of new plugs and fresh gas it runs a lot better. 


Toro 522xi / New Holland GT22 with Kohler CH22 Engine DSAI Timing Test 


Testing the Timing Advance on a New Holland GT22, (same as Toro 522xi). This machine uses the Digital Spark Advance Ignition (DSAI) System. This system uses a digital microprocessor which is located in ignition modules. DSAI advances the timing with increased engine RPM. After finding TDC on the cylinder tested, I used a paint stick to mark the correlation of the cooling fan to housing. Using an inductive timing light, at idle the line are inline. As the rpm increases, there should be movement of the line indicating timing advance that is working. This module is working as seen by the line advancing. Load was applied with turning on the mower deck and the advance system worked as it should. This test can also be used on a SMART-SPARK Ignition to confirm if it is advancing the timing.




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