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Got home a few minutes ago.


Had her read down through the whole thread.

She says to give two thumbs up to all.



Those of you who wanted her to rest and relax she wants you to know that she did that from 6:40 this morning all the way up until around 1:00 p.m.. that might be the longest she's ever done that!


After that Trina and her mom messed around with chicken run coverings and put a carpet at the base of the stairs. To do the carpet she removed all the molding so that the carpet is under them.  A proper installation. And made a faceplate for the bottom step. 



Also reorganizing and clearing out the exercise room so we can use the machines more effectively. Also brought a machine from her mom's house to here.






This is what I came home to find...




While she was installing a piece of molding she hit the "wrong nail"  once...



As you can imagine she may have uttered some "sentence enhancers".....





@Joe M @JoeM she pretty impressed with yer 6 pack!!


7 hours ago, formariz said:

I think and sure hope that Eric has that same talent.

Her words... "Yeah he does". :lol:




Thank you all....

I sure do hope more of you get the chance to meet her (us?) in person someday..

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953 nut

Rather good likeness of Eric on this cake!         Happy Birthday      :occasion-cake:  


Name That Cake - Send a virtual birthday cake to a friend on facebook, on a  forum or by email! We have your name on a birthday cake -- virtual birthday  cake

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33 minutes ago, 953 nut said:

likeness of Eric

Best I've seen in quite awhile. 

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c-series don

Happy birthday Trina! I wish my wife loved Wheel Horses as much as you do! Seems like Eric and you are a perfect match! 

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