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Please help identify this blower, Found this blower for free

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Hey everyone!


Long time forum reader, first time poster! I just picked this blower attachment up last night for free! Thought it may fit one of my Wheel Horse tractors but once i got it home i was not so sure.


I have a 1986-87 - 212-6 and a 1970's C-100. Both have all the parts needed to attach a mower deck.


I have no idea how this one would attach to either, it may be missing parts? It does not have any model/serial numbers on it so i was having a hard time finding the manual that goes with it.


I also do not know if it was modified at any point, the man i got it from did not know what it came off and my best guess is it came with the house he said he moved into 1 year ago.


Thanks for the help!



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The snow experts will be along shortly.

For a good reason I don't have any blower knowledge. don't need it living in central Texas. 

Maybe I could use one as a big fan.

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Believe that belongs to a late 70's B series vertical shaft?

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peter lena

DAN87 , the blower is essentially  a 36 x 42  single stage unit,  the difference being is that it was set up for a vertical engine , the main horizontal  SHORT  drive shaft and hook up will not work with the pto drive , found a picture , that shows the proper right hand pulley drive set up for your pto. not really a difficult change over , longer drive shaft , bearing mount swap ,and correct pulleys and belt tension frame , will get you going. you can probably search out parts on this site , from used units, let us know what you think , pete 


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The brackets to attach to front are to wide for the c-100 and will not work.

My only hope is if it would then fit my Wheel horse 212-6 as i believe that one has a vertical shaft not the horizontal PTO drive?


this looks like the one i have from what you can see in image: 


this is same model as one of my WH but blower not exactly the same but very similar.







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R. L. Addison

I have a D series that is very similar.

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