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 I have found it quite a struggle to keep my finances under control when i am forced by order of the governor to not evict tenants for not paying rent. I thought previously that some money to keep one in business was quickly snatched up by the big businesses. It turns out that they later advertised that people who were self employed may be eligible as well. I applied for the waiting list just to see what it was all about. The forms are all online and very hard to understand.  My household was very sick back in March and that was the first qualification. After weeks of back and forth, we finally got my info to load correctly after finding password recovery in our junk E-mail. It was worth the wait and now there is breathing room. It took a group effort in that my tax forms had to be sent in online and the file size had to be reduced to get them to load. Every state is different but basically PUA is a federal program administered by the state unemployment system. Results may vary


  Word gets out in the tenant community [ you don't have to pay your rent cause they cannot kick you out] and one tenant is way behind.  He had some bad information that led to a bad attitude toward his debt,so we will just let it go at that. i guess the right thing to do is to help him navigate the system as he probably does not know how to apply. He had worked in a restaurant for fourteen years and probably got fired when the owner knew he was going to be forced to close.  Whatever our issues have been, he does have a family and his health is such that i do not want to beat him up mentally over this more than I already have. He needs a different path and maybe i can help since without our conflict I would have never applied for assistance in the first place.


 While i am not really comfortable grabbing up public money, at least i can try to put it to good use since it gives me a bit of breathing room after the state effectively took my property without consent. I do fear a backfire effect for all of us due to future inflation and realize that the more benefits given out the worse that effect could be.


 If any of you are struggling and self employed or gig workers it does not hurt to explore the PUA option. There is also rental assistance and other things available to tide you over, but bear in mind it can be a bear to fill out this stuff online.

If anyone is a resident of Ohio and needs help navigating the system, perhaps i can get you started. i was stuck for a week at one part and even going to  a state job Center was little help.

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