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520H front tire recommendations

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I just bought my first ever tractor - 1989 520H. One of the front tires has a slow leak, and they are both showing signs of age, so am looking at buying new. When I look at some of the options on the Miller site, they have 3 basic types of tires as options in the 16x6.50-8 size ..

  • circumferential ribs (either equal sized or central rib larger diameter)
  • ag style chevron 'super lugs'
  • turf tire - quadrilateral overlapping treads


What are the considerations for considering these different tire types ?

The current rear tires are turf type, no weights, but with chains.


I have 1.5 acres, quite hilly, and am using the tractor for some mowing, tilling, and garden plowing.


Appreciate some perspective, suggestions.


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Definitely the three-ribbed / circumferential tires.  The 1989 did not have the reduced ratio steering, and the ribbed tires make the tractor much easier to steer with that heavy Onan up front.   They will also make it easier to track straight when you're plowing your garden in the spring, or plowing snow in the winter.   I have them on two of my working tractors (a 417-8 and a 418A), and really like them.  They're not cheap, but worth it.  You may have to have a tire store mount them for you, because they're heavier duty than the other styles, and 'a bear' to get on the rim.   The super-lugs dig in, and make it hard to steer.  They will also chew up your lawn more than the other two types.


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I have had very good luck with Carlisle turf tires on all my WH tractors and have been using them for over 30 years in all 4 seasons. Winter usage with a 44'' 2 stage blower on the 520-H requires weights and chains.   JMO

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I think the 5 ribs look awesome and steer good.


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These are 18-8.50’s16651D03-6A64-461B-B81C-810C82876FB3.jpeg.19a2126139181ca59236f482809bbbe2.jpeg

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