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On 3/25/2020 at 5:49 PM, WHX24 said:

Yer a sally Skunk... did that once and they charged me 10 bucks. Wouldn't get out of bed for that. Even greased the the tech another ten for not marring the rims. Took another set in to the same place and got bent over and scratched rims for 40 bucks... wt%??? Talk about inflation and not just the tires! Needless to say the tech did not get a tip.

Bought a HF mini for 40 and just did 4 6-12s with no problems. Now money ahead. Best part no scratched rims by an unruly tire monkey!



Forgot about the baby powder trick.  Thanks for the reminders fellas...Would have made getting the lug staggers I was lookin for (duals) much easier without twisted tubes. Pet peeve is not having the stem perpendicular to the rim. Looks like I got yer OCD Oilwell! :lol:

Good to Know the Mini works with Rear Tires I have Only done front tires with it so Far

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It does Sarge... I havn't done fronts yet but will. Have not used the bead breaker yet either. Took the rims to Skunks so called tire shops to unmount and they stuck it to me again. I drew the line. 

Just make sure you use some kind of lube. I used glass cleaner just cause it was handy out in the shop and I was impatient  and it worked ok... dish soap would have been better. 

The only other thing with this changer is ther are no provisions for holding the rim down and keep the rim from turning other than the thin piece of rubber so you have to really tighten down the collet on the top....or have a tractor bro around.  If I do more I might come up with a way to lock it down with a finger of some sorts thru a lug hole like big machines have. Would be interesting to see how it would work on heavy 6 plies. 

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