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Kohler 12 throttle moving

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Hi, Im on my 4th Wheel Horse and got a great 12 hp Kohler with low hours. Its a 312 classic with the older style Kohler, not the OHV, probably right before the change.

The throttle at higher speed eventually moves down and I have to re-adjust up to speed. Any suggestions on how to fix? Thanks!

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peter lena

does the cable move easily ? is there a friction mounting point that you can increase ? i added a return spring  to the carb lever spot that helped mine hold its setting. after doing that i made the change to the other two horses, no more throttle creep. pete

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All our horses are older.

Is this a sliding cable like an older C series?


Perhaps there's a rivet at the friction pivot point that could be squeezed?


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You need to tighten up the rivet in the dash throttle control or replace the rivet with a bolt and nylock nut so the tension can be adjusted.

The faster the engine runs to more pressure the governor exerts on the throttle cable trying to slow the engine down. You need to match that pressure with the throttle cable.


I use a bolt with about a 1/4" of shank that is not threaded. That way none of the pivoting parts are on the sharp threads which would cause wear. You will need to add flat washers as necessary so the nut does not run out of threads. Cut off the threads not needed. After assembly you can reach in there with two wrenches to adjust the tension needed.



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On 1/18/2020 at 11:57 AM, gwest_ca said:

You need to tighten up the rivet in the dash throttle control ...


I've had good luck doing this with both my tractors.  Just use a pair of vise grips to squeeze on both sides of the rivet, and tighten it a little at a time until it holds nice and tight, not too tight or your throttle won't want to move at all.  And make sure your cable is lubed.


The bolt solution should work if you can't get the cable to stay put by just tightening the rivet.



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