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856 UniDrive

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Puddlejumper's Dad here:

We have a seal leaking on the right drive axle. I was going to let it slide, but I know I will lose sleep & regret it until it is fixed, sooooo.......where can I get the seals (all 4, since I'm taking it apart) and gasket for housing?

Any tips, warnings, and "look out for's", will be greatly appreciated.


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You don't need to open the case (or housing) to replace the axle seals. They can be picked out from the outside and new ones put back in. They are readily available at your local Toro dealer, in fact, he'll probably have them in stock. :omg: Otherwise they're also available at many online retailers who will ship them to your door such as http://www.partstree.com http://www.rcpw.com or http://www.milacalawn.com

Here are some reference topics:






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Darn, JT, you're good! :drool:

I was off searching for the help threads and you were already posting them. Good information there, Puddlejumper family!

Duff :omg:

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