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Fule Pump for Magnum m12 12hp

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I'm replacing the  fuel pump on Kohler magnum m12 12hp which is leaking.   I replaced it with the manual pump as per the picture.  which is very similar.  I event tested it before fitting.  but it just doesn't pump any fuel through.  I'm trying to figure what the problem could be be.  I'm pretty sure I've fitted it correctly,  and when I put the old pump back on it works fine.


Am I missing something ?  I noted its got the large circle with the kit but I didn't use that as I could see if it was needed anywhere anyway. 


Any help would be much appreciated.  I just don't understand why its not pumping the fuel through


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The Gman

Just to confirm.......

The old pump is mechanical too, right?

If you tried priming it from the top fuel line and that didn't work......

Compare the pump levers, old vs new to see if they match up angle wise. Could be the pump arm is not engaging with the lobe inside.

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The big C clip is a tool that allows you to adjust the angles on the  pipe nipples

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