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Five sector snow plow

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  Somehow I have acquired two 48” snowplows with the 5 hole sectors. The weird thing is I never see them or hear anything about them.

  Mine are very different in the angling hardware. One has the standard rigid wire to the triangle plate that pivots and pulls the angle position pin. The other has a cable similar to the brake cables on a bicycle. The angle arm also has some interesting factory bends in it. They both work perfect. 

  Are they rare? What years were they produced? 









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I don't know about rarity but the xi and 260 series blades had the 5 position quadrants maybe even earlier, but that angle lever with the cable is what my dealer ordered for me way back in the fall of 1998 for the mid 70s 3 position blade I bought for the Anniversary 520H.

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Dozer DNA of long tractor frame dozer blades

1966-1967 model BD-426 - Fits LONG frame tractors - Mounts ahead of the rear axle - replaced by

1968 model 6-1111 - Fits LONG frame tractors - Mounts ahead of the rear axle


1968 model 6-4111 - First to fit LONG & SHORT frame tractors and first to mount under the rear axle - replaced by

1969 model [6-4112 + 6-9621]

1970-73 model [6-4113 + 6-9622]

1973-74 model [6-4113 + 6-9623]

1974 model [6-4114 + 6-9624]

1974 model 6-2131

1975 model 6-2132

1976 model 6-2133

1976 model 66-42BC01

1977 model 76-42BC01

1978 model 86-42BC01

1979 model 96-42BC01

1980 model 06-42BC01

1981-1984 model 06-42BC02 (Up to here they are 42" wide)

1984-1989 model 06-48BC01 (They are now 48" wide) - replaced by the following

1990 model 06-48BC02 - Last blade to have 3 angle positions - 30 degrees left, straight and 30 degrees right

1991-1993 model 06-48BC03 - First blade to have 5 angle positions

1993-2001 model 79350

2002 2004-2009 2012 model 79364



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yes ,I like that cable pull, much better at working with the angles at the lever, quadrant area. this is the kind of great ideas that will let you improve your horse, if you want to , pete

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