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RJ Hamner

Snowblower Question (disassembly)

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I started to rebuild an old snowblower that I got in a "package deal" last spring.  There  is no data plate so I am guessing that it may be 6-1211 (?):eusa-think:

I have it disassembled down to the auger.  As I look at the parts list it appears that the rod for the wheels runs through the auger assembly.

The parts list does not show anything (that I can see) that has to be removed to pull the rod out to remove the auger from the frame.

The rod doesn't want to come out with a normal twist/pull motion.  Rust welded or have I missed something????

I though I'd ask before I broke/bent something.:(

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On the left side items 10 and 11 are roll pins that hold the wheel support 9 to the center shaft. They drove the smaller pin inside the larger one after it was installed. Then the shaft will pull out the right side provide the bearings are not rusted to the shaft.


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The last two I took apart to change out the chain sprockets had both bearings rust welded tightly to the shaft and required some serious oxy-acetylene heat to get them loose. Once apart, make certain to look over that chain drive sprocket - most are worn out to the point of having sharp points on the teeth, which means its shot and must be replaced. There are open center replacement sprockets out there, I get ones that are close to the correct bore to fit the auger tubing and had one I turn on the lathe to make it fit - makes a huge difference in how smooth it will run. Don't remember the bearing numbers - I just ordered mine by the dimensions since I couldn't find a bearing number on them after cooking them so hard to get it apart.



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