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does anyone have any pics of a 953/1054 snowblower mounting?

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looking for any pics of the 953 or 1054 with a snowblower mounted other then the owners manual the original blower model was a ST-375 and modded to 376 eventually  i think looking for any pics with one mounted on also has anyone done or used a quick attach system on these as well?

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IAN928  In Norway is only member I recall with photos of a 1054 Snowblower on his tractor  "Elvira".   I have not seen Ian active on Red Square for some time>





4316645046_97e01e4550_b (2).jpg

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Here is a picture of my 1054 with a newer snowblower mounted. I fabricated a mount for the front of the tractor, not very pretty as I had to do some adjusting at home to get the blower to fit. Also had to fabricate a lifting flag to fit the lift bracket. Last thing was a longer belt and idler pulley. Worked well the one time I used it, got about 8 ins of snow that day. Looking forward to using it again as I have moved into a house with a bigger driveway.



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