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Farm truck wagon gears

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While it's not Wheel Horse branded, I think these gears might have originality been red...


I'm the most recent owner of a set of wagon gears that I couldn't pass up.  Plan to restore them and use them as the base for a portable hunting shed.  Just picked them up tonight and still trying to identify them.   I think I can see some ID numbers cast into the integral wheel hubs and possibly even an IH surrounded by a large "C," meaning they may be International Harvester gears.


95% of the fasteners are square headed bolts and nuts, and the bracket for the tongue is 4" wide, leading me to believe it was built prior to WWII and used with a wooden tongue as a horse drawn wagon.  I'm reasonably sure I read somewhere that the time period for farm implements to change over to hex headed fasteners was during the 1930s.


I've just got two preliminary photos taken where she sat when I bought her.  More research to follow and more photos, too.  







More on the Farm Truck Wagon.....


It is definately an International Harvester Corporation set of gears.   Confirmed that this morning in good light and the aid of a wire brush.  The green algae growing on it had me fooled.   Thought it might be of John Deere heritage.   


One I got of the wire brush I found blue paint on the hubs, red paint on the wheels and the frame surely was painted IH red at some point.  It needs tires and a good sandblasting before paint, but it should be worth the time to fix 'er up.   It will be a good winter project for my new shop. 


Cheers, again!















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