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Toro before Wheel Horse

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Seen this old Toro on CL the other day. Bad rear end $125. Seems pretty cool.




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May be one of these




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I missed this, but that thing is sweet looking! Hope you get it up and going.

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      For sale is my good condition tall chute snow thrower for the classic garden tractors(300,400,500)  Sold my last classic and only have an Xi so it's time for this to go.  Only trades I'm interested in would be for Xi attachments.

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      I was getting my riding mower ready for another season, changed the oil, filter, and I tilted the mower on it’s side to change the blades, just as I do year after year (my tractor is about 12 years old!) so once I was done and I got the mower back I found this piece laying on the ground. I have carefully examined the deck and I can’t seem to find where this would go. I tried checking the manual and a couple websites to see if I could identify the piece and no luck, anyone know where this goes? Thank you in advance!

    • ztnoo
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      Got an email from RCPW (Replacement Commercial Parts Warehouse) of Macedonia, OH today announcing "Toro National Price Increase" effective 4/30/2018.
      I would assume that means any Wheel Horse parts Toro is still in possession of will follow suit into uncharted pricing territory.........and Toro is already extremely proud of the NOS Wheel Horse parts they are warehousing.
      I think I'll check a couple of old style mule drive parts I know Toro to be in possession of currently, and when the new pricing goes into effect, calculate the increase as a percentage. I will report my findings.
      Here's the actual text of the email announcement:
           "Due to rising costs, Toro has announced a national parts price increase. We wanted to inform our valued customers that the price change won't be effective until Monday, April 30, so any orders received this weekend will still be at the  
           lower pricing. Most genuine Toro parts ship free inside the contiguous USA. Have a great weekend!"
      So, my assumption would be if Toro is going to bump parts pricing for Toro parts, they would probably be more than gleefully happy to do the same to their remaining Wheel Horse parts inventory.

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      Selling my brand new, never used, Toro model #79364 48" plow. Looks like the day I took it out of the box. The only thing I did was assemble it and lubricate moving parts. Grease still looks like new. Local pickup only.
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