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1976 C-120 Plow Compatibility

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I’ve been searching for a plow and mounts for my 1976 C-120 but have been hesitant since I know there are a few variations out there. Can anyone advise on what I should be looking for?



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Pretty much any blade designed for a long frame will work fine. The axle bracket will be like the one pictured. One catch is the angle adjust arm. There have been some variations over the years to enable it to clear the foot rest, pto, etc. If you gat the wrong one it's usually an easy fix. The one pictured is the one that works on your 76. :)



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Here is a list of the blades for this application in the order they were produced.

Notice in 1984 they went from 42" to 48"



76-42BC01 (1977) replaces 1965 model BD-4264A, 1966-67 model BD-426, 1967 model BD-4267, 1968 model 6-1111, 1968 model 6-2111, 1968 model 6-4111, 1969 model [6-4112 & 6-9621], 1970-73 model [6-4113 & 6-9622], 1973-74 model [6-4113 & 6-9623], 1974 model [6-4114 & 6-9624], 1974 model 6-2131, 1975 model 6-2132, 1976 model 6-2133, 1976 model 66-42BC01


76-42BC01 (1977) replaced by 1978 model 86-42BC01, 1979 model 96-42BC01, 1980 model 06-42BC01, 1981-84 model 06-42BC02, 1984-89 model 06-48BC01, 1990 model 06-48BC02, 1991-93 model 06-48BC03, 1993-2001 model 79350 and 2002 2004-2009 2012 model 79364



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