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1997 520H Electrical questions

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Little by little I am learning and getting familiar with my new to me 1997 520H. It has now 170 hours and it runs perfectly with everything on it working. It was not charging so I changed rectifier and it is charging normally now. It has already been modified by previous owner bypassing some of the connections on the 9pin plug. Seems that ignition switch has also been replaced.

I am puzzled with something though. According to instructions fuse block from front to back should be #1- 30AMP, #2- 25 AMP, and #3 -15 AMP.  On mine #1-30AMP, #2-15 AMP, and #3-25 AMP. I know that fuses can be switched around, but when i removed fuse block to inspect the underside which is flawless with no corrosion or deterioration, I noticed that #2 has only one red  wire going to it. The crimp connection for the wire is there but of course unused. Is this normal?????. Isn't fuse this way useless since it is a dead end??? There is power on the existing wire. Was this perhaps part of the 9 pin connector modification? Again, everything single thing on tractor works as it should and nothing has been removed. Switches, lights, sensors, gages everything is there working.

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My fuse blocks front to back are; empty, 15, 25, 30.


Look on the bottom for a bridge between positions.

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If you haven't done so you may want to look over this download.


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